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    I was walking down the street on a sunny august day in 2001. The music was in the air, the people moved gently at the beat from left to right, smiling, greating eachother with a hug and a kiss. I knew something was different about it, something that was creaping me out.

    The warm fuzzy feeling went on until I came to the town center, were I saw something I couldn't believe. Sakura petals fell as my awe became bigger. I rubbed by eyes, as I stared at Syaoran and Sakura dance to the slow music.

    I realised tha music was Once Upon A December, from the Disney adaptation of the Anastasia story. Still motionless I blinked, and as the music came to an end, I noticed I was sitting on my chair behind my desk watching an AMV.

    LOL, now THAT would have been a story, but I guess all of us here had the basic same start. Watched an AMV online and decided well I can do better than that of course, so we logged on our illegal P2P programm, downloaded *Illegally* a movie editing program, mainly, Adobe premeire, and started playing around.

    Once again, LOL. Hehe, maybe I should just skip this part. The [possibilities of me telling how it actually started are nil so ... hehehe.

    MY AMVs

    Well, I don't have a certain style when it comes to music video editing, at least not yet. I generally go with the mood. Iether mindless action and effects, or slow calm dramatic visuals. I just hope everyone will enjoy watching them as mych as I enjoyed making them .... well ... some of them I hope you enjoy watching more since Premiere hates me to death and I ended up even ..... nevermind that, shall we proceed? ^.^'

    ANi. mEnTaL

    Well, recently I decided that I should put a site up with my AMVs, since I actually started liking some of them, and wanted to know what others thought besides Me, Myself and I. At school. my lecturers thought the editing was quite good, so they helped me increase my self esteem (since I'm a Shinji Character) enough to build a site and upload some of the stuff online, and since everything that lead my to AMVs was so wakoo, I picked the name ANIMENTAL, which turned into the more artisting ANi. mEnTaL later on :D

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Magic Knight Rayearth (TV Series 1)
Cardcaptor Sakura: The Sealed Card (2nd Movie)
Sailor Moon Super S
Cardcaptor Sakura
Ronin Warriors
Rose of Versailles, The
Ceres, Celestial Legend (Ayashi no Ceres)
X (TV)
Cardcaptor Sakura: The Enchanted Card (1st Movie)
Inu Yasha (TV)

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