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  • Member: Maverick-Rubik
  • Studio: Atvaark
  • Title: Happiness
  • Premiered: 2004-09-11
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    • Smith, Elliott Happiness
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  • Comments: From the start of watching Naruto, I knew I had to make a video to it sometime. However, instead of focusing on one event or person, I wanted to capture the essence of the whole series in one medium lengthed video instead.

    It took me quite a while to find the right song, but I knew it would just come to me naturally in time. I first started editing the video with the concept that what each character wanted was love for another... (mostly pushed by the "precious person" liners present through a few characters). So I attempted at using "What is Love?" by Haddaway. Now, not only did I not know 90% of what I was doing with the song, but I was unable to hold up the concept whatsoever.

    So I went on idealess, abandoning the video for good. Until I started listening to music by Elliott Smith sometime in October-December.. and had heard "Happiness." The lyrics were perfect in my view of a song, and already I began imagining scenes and how it would be set up. To be truthful, this video changed very much from the point it was started until the end. I first started out with a few clips from the first episode's ending and Naruto getting his Leaf Protector. I realized the scenes from the ending didn't seem to fit the song well enough, and neither did it get my point across. So I skipped the beginning for then, and went on to make a bit of the video as I had imagined it. After watching it a few times, I realized it didn't seem to fit to the music very well either.

    Instead of giving up, I decided to fix this. I decided that some parts needed an old aged film look to them in order to match the feel of the song, so I added some noise. And since a gray/yellowish tint (sepia tones to the elite) to some noise still didn't seem to fit the song, I decided to tint it a different color. I soon chose a hue of green, and liked the way it looked matched to the song.

    That was just the start of the influence of effects within this video. I remembered watching Caldwell's videos one time, and how it had a massive portion of the video on the edges blacked out, giving it a smaller resolution than it would appear (on the distro mpeg copies, at least). Even though it had big black edges on it that disallowed true full screening, people weren't distracted. So then my second major portion of effects was to resize some clips smaller than the whole screen (mostly 88% the original size); since this way I could have more presented at once by being able to fit more clips on-screen simultaneously, and people would still be able to see things going on. So I made a few clips 88% their size and let them act as "background" clips that would have smaller clips go over them to render the video. I also had letterbox clips flowing over full screen clips so I could present a widescreen image without confusing people with an aspect ratio change (which I've found quite distracting). This effects style of having the scenes overlaid in a shot with other clips re-enforced the story-telling in an interesting way... or at least added to it if not helped.

    And since the video looked too uneven with just a few effects here and there and the rest of it normal, I decided it was either all the way with the effects, or none at all. Wanting to not go too far (since there is a massive bias against massive effects videos nowadays), but also not wanting to give up the flexibilty and work these effects gave me in the video (and the will to edit things the way I wanted, since it is my video); I reluctantly made the video completely massive effects when I felt I should have. Not to say I attempted to try something everytime I laid a clip down. I decided that if I wanted a video to match the exact way it would run in my mind, I had to do what I felt was right, and was capable of doing. So I did it.

    And since I wanted this video to not have any lazy edits I would possibly end up making, I edited this video at a slow pace. Giving a beta privately to a friend every 10-30 seconds for others' opinions and such so I wouldn't let any glaring errors get by. In fact, I'll step out and admit that probably 70% of what I originally edited had ended up being modified during some point in the process, no matter where it was on the timeline.

    This is probably my most humble project I have made and probably will ever make. I really wanted to give the show and the song a good rendering that many would enjoy, and find very diverse. The whole concept was, from start to finish, a character profile between all the major characters comparing similar experiences by utilizing the lyrics.


    Activity's killing the actor
    And a cop's standing out in the road
    Turning traffic away
    There was nothing she could do untill after
    When his body'd been buried below
    Way back in the day

    Oh my
    Nothing else could have been done
    Made his life a lie so...
    He might
    Never have to know anyone
    Made his life a lie, you know

    I told him that he shouldn't upset her
    And that he'd only be making it worse
    Invloving somebody else
    But I knew that he'd never forget her
    While her memory worked in reverse
    To keep her safe from herself

    And oh my
    Nothing else could have been done
    She made her life a lie so
    She might
    Never have to know anyone
    Made her life a lie, you know

    What I used to be will pass away
    And then you'll see
    That all I want now is happiness
    For you and me
    What I used to be will pass away
    And then you'll see
    That all I want now is happiness
    For you and me
    What I used to be will pass away
    And then you'll see
    That all I want now is happiness
    For you and me
    All I want now is happiness
    For you and me

    ***Special Thanks & Support***

    (alphabetical order)

    Atvaark, dbzrkyyh (Scott Blaydes), dcdeveloperx (Bobby Pierce), Hito (Istiv studios) & Tyler, JCD (Stephan Teusch) for introducing me to Connichi, NausicaaFan84 (Darius Ashtear), Mr. Pilkington (Phil Conrad), Scintilla (Peter J. Tom-Wolverton) for his patience ;), Smahut Team, SnhKnives (Lee Webster), and last but not least [ZeaL] (Tim Lindenschmidt) for the encoding advice, 'finally helped find me a good distribution encode. I'd also like to thank everyone who helped me (no matter how small) within the 7-8 month work span.

    ***Programs Used***

    Adobe Premiere Pro
    Jasc Software Paint Shop Pro 5 BETA executable

    Please watch and enjoy.


    13th at Connichi 2004 6th in Drama Category

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