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  • Profile: Hmm.. well.. I decided that I should change this because I love to rant on and on about things you don't really care about. Cool huh? Yeah.. I know.. anyways, let's start the ranting.

    Gumdrop Studios.. really stupid and girly name, yeah, I know. But when it asked what studio I was in I didn't know, I just started this like a few weeks ago. So I thought of something cute, and girly, becauxe I'd probably never ever team up with someone else or actually make a living off of this. So.. fisrt I was going to be like.. Arctic Penguin Inc. or something like that.. because I like penguins and that'd be a weird, but still cute-ish name. But no.. I didn't like that.. so then it was going to be something Rini related.. because as you can see, I'm Rini210.. but nah.. that wasn't it. Finially I went to a website called "Gumdrops" (it was an image site.. I needed ideas for making a banner for one of my crappy web sites) and I was like, "WOW! I like the word Gumdrop! Maybe I can use that for my AMV dealie!" So tada!! I made Gumdrop Studios! Yeah.. cheesy, but I think it's cute. Maybe one day I'll change the name to Arctic Penguin Inc.. supposing someone doesn't take that.

    Ok.. anyways. Um. Amv's.. I had that windows movie maker so I decided to play around with it. I accidentally opened up Blue Mercury (I had it on my comp) and when I found out I could make little Amv's of my own I was like, "Woah." So I made my first (and only so far) Amv's on there. Really, both are expiriments, but I was having fun so I put them up here. They weren't meant to be good. The newer ones I make will be better, though I'm only like.. 15 and can't really afford hosting, web domains, software, hardware.. etc. So I do it for fun with my little space and cheesy free downloading movie makers. It doesn't mean I can't make a semi-good amv.. just because I don't have any of those new fangled Special Effects and I don't know how to work my DVD's. But that's okay! I can still have fun.

    Anyways.. I don't really know what else to rant on. I love anime. My two favorites are Ranma 1/2 and Love Hina. I love them so very much.. and Kaolla and Shampoo are totally the best. My favotite Amv that I've seen is Session 02. That is soo cool! Go Faye! I love who made that.. (well not really because I don't really know them.. but you know what I mean) Anyways.. I have red hair and green eyes, smally built, thin, only 15 (like I stated) and.. I like to have fun all ze time! Anyways.. I'm gonna go! Byes!!


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Ranma 1/2
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Revolutionary Girl Utena (TV)
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His and Her Circumstances (Kare Kano)
Angelic Layer
Cowboy Bebop

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