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  • Profile: UPDATE 11-19-2007
    Well i took a break from hard core making of amv's but i have been doing some work and put a video out it also won an award at the Nebraskon convention and it is very good as far as i am concerned lol
    anyway i have it posed on a website called stage six and it is an awesome video streaming site 1000% better than youtube

    UPDATE 11-19-2006
    WE at TDO went to ANIME-NEBRASKON and entered 6 videos of ours 4 of them were nominated and shown 2 of them actually won awards!! finally we see some progress on this end we had entered the contest a few years back when we first started and we lost so bad we almost stopped making AMV's but now we have our pride back!!

    Hello I have been making my summer training count out latest amv's are crystal clear and that is all I wanted getting good reviews always help our moral so we will be pushing forward to the next level I hope

    Any way a little about me The Dark Otaku I used to be known as just Dark Otaku but I thought that didnít sound important enough so I changed it........I'm kidding Iím not that vain no the name was already taken here and I hate putting numbers in my name so I just monkey'ed around with it
    anyway I'm here now and me and my family and friends have been into anime for 12 some years now yes Iím from the Ranma, Lum, Maison ikkoku Era ...or the takahashi Era lol anyway we made like 50 AMV's and called ourselves TDO team dark otaku
    PS all 50 amvs SUCKED they were the crappie DBZ amv's that are every were not to be confused with the good dbz amvs out there but anyway since we like ALL anime including the over serialized ones such as dbz Pokemon and soon to be naruto we decided to learn the ways of amv and 2 years going strong I can say we have improved at least 100% and I look forward to moving farther so we can create something wonderful for every one

    THANKS to every ONE who has helped us or opinioned us even the crappie "NICE VID" opinions are at least motivating lol


    ........ Iím the main editor and self proclaimed leader of TDO
    We have a new member who is also an editor and can use Photoshop Yeah!

    His name is Slickcatguy (our dear friend! and anime conspirator LOL)
    We havenít really MADE a amv together as in fully together we help each other with editing and our ideas are usually to our selves but we are going to work on something together like that soon
    His TDO vids are
    *mach 5 amv is sweet thanks for making that I love watching it!
    *Karas amv

    And others involved currently are
    Bubbley_kitty (My wife and most of the ideas come from her a big anime fan like me)
    Videos I totally give her the full ideas and concepts for are
    *Orochimarus Children
    *Ten Thousand Fists in your soul
    *Care about ~Little Sussie~
    These amvs that are currently the best where thought up by her and I just made them happen lol

    Ok Next is
    Magus_of_Zeal (My brother he is into the hardest core head bangenist heavy metal!!)
    Naturally you wont be seeing any strong emotional love ballads from him here he usually helps me with timing and scene selection for most videos but his ideas are always hardcore.....sorry bad joke lol
    His videos are
    *Stricken by Chakra
    *.........ok we arenít done yet with the new one but it is already kick ass
    Well that is about us

    Team Dark Otaku


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Please Teacher (TV)
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    • Rurouni Kenshin / Samurai X - 1st OVA (Tsuiokuhen, Trust & Betrayal)
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    • Rurouni Kenshin / Samurai X - The Movie (Ishinshishi)
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  • Care about ~Little Susie~ (2006-07-10) (4 collaborators)
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  • Stricken By Chakra! (2005-12-14) (2 collaborators)
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    • -Disturbed- Stricken
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  • Ten Thousand Fists in Your Soul (2005-12-02) (2 collaborators)
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    • -Disturbed- Ten Thousand Fists
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