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  • Member: kain2983
  • Studio: Kingdom of Tolono
  • Title: Semper Fi
  • Premiered: 2006-06-29
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    • Skillet Collide
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  • Comments: This video was a couple of months in the making for me. Mainly because I had an idea for a video but I did not have a song for the video so I listened to a lot of the songs that I had until I found a song that I thought would be good for the my idea. But once I found the song it did not take me very long to finish the actual video maybe three months with school and work as well. But with all of that I think this is my best video so far.

    Now to talk about the video it self. I made this video to tribute everyone that went to get Sasuke back when he left with the sound ninjas. So the video starts off with him leaving town and then it shows mixed clips of Neji's, Chouji's, Kiba's, and Shikamaru fights. After that it goes into the Naruto v Kimimaru fight. Next Rock lee shows up and the the sand ninja's fight. Finally the video ends with the Sasuke Naruto fight. This video was orginally not going to have the sasuke naruto fight in the video but I thought it worked better this way... or I ran out of clips of the other fights... you decide.

    Well that is the short and sweet version of the video. Hope you enjoy the video.

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