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    Well, I am fairly new to creating AMVs, but I really enjoy it! Mina Faerie (you should look her up, she's got some really good videos) is one of my best friends IRL, and since she already had a studio I hopped on board Kawaii Faerie Studios. It's quite a little setup she has going now...being that she has JAWs and I as "employees"...hehe.

    I am open to suggestions as to what videos to make (as long as I have seen the anime, that is), so don't feel shy about sending me requests. I can't promise anything, but who knows!

    My video "Super Nice Guys" was my very first attempt at creating an AMV. It was going to be hosted on the same site that used to host Mina's and JAWs' videos...but the site sort of died. =( I'm really proud of the way it turned out (especially the "egg scene" at the end...everyone gets a big kick out of it).

    If you're brave enough to IM me to use the AIM file transfer'll find me at Siren Amae. I have a cable modem, but it still isn't as fast as it could be. You can also find me on KaZaA.

    By the way...the Mr. Wonderful a "just for fun" thing that I'm doing to waste time since I'm having the amv equivalent of writer's block.

    ADDED 08/01/08

    I've uploaded my videos to youtube, since the 2 sites that used to host them have both gone down for good.

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