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  • Profile: More good news in Aimee-land! Nemo finally popped, and we now have 6 more beautiful, fuzzy, fat little kitties.

    I now have a copy of Premiere, so my videos will be getting a little better soon. Now I just need a new computer to go along with Premiere and we'll be all set.

    I'm about the cheesiest person you'll ever meet. Seriously. I have no sense of humour whatsoever, and I can't even pick a good studio name. I cry during everything, including (but not limited to) Evangelion, His and Her Circumstances, and even Transformers. I tend to use the "kleenex" rating system. For example, a good, moving Anime or AMV (such as flint_the_dwarf's Consequences of War) would get about a 4-kleenex rating. This usually means it was so good I had to use 4 kleenexes to get through it. Of course, seeing as how this doesn't (usually) apply to comedy videos -depends on what mood I'm in- and doesn't support my system, I'll make do with the stars for now.

    But, I DO have a bit of an excuse for all my personal problems (I prefer to refer to them as character quirks). First, I don't have a job and don't go to college anymore. Second, the reason for the previous reason is that I have a stupid sickness known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I know, I'm 21, I shouldn't have this problem...but I do. The doctors didn't find out what was wrong with me until it was too late to even treat at all, even if CFS had a cure ready and waiting. So I'm stuck at home, sleeping (I hyperventilate and pass out if I get stressed at all, and get anything from sinusitis to pnuemonia if I don't sleep enough) all the time and trying to make music videos. Well, I do take care of the house when my fiance's at work, and take care of my 11 cats. I'm too soft-hearted and can't turn away animals.
    On top of that, the same thing that makes me pass out/hyperventilate is what makes me moody and crying at everyhting. Guys, just imagine how weepy your girlfriends are before **that time of the month** (dramatic chords)

    So, I do have a reason for putting all of this. If there's anyone else like me, I'd like to know, honestly. This can be kinda tough to live with, and having an anime-loving friend who understands would be great. Or if I could be an anime-loving friend to someone else who's trying to deal with CFIDS/Fibromyalgia.

    And by the way, NEVER let a Doctor give you Lexapro. Trust me.

    Ok, here I go, being emotional again.

    And before someone asks me this (people always do):
    1. Yes, all my cats are named. (Except for the newborn 6)
    2. Yes, I spay and neuter.
    3. Their names are Sponge, Nemo (not after the fish), Mouse, Pooka, and Oliver.

    The Cat does not belong to us, we belong to the Cat.

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