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  • Member: Flint the Dwarf
  • Studio: Goat Productions
  • Title: Delicate Beauty
  • Premiered: 2004-02-11
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  • Song:
    • George Winston Snow
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Yep, my third video. Using Eva, big deal. It's original, just like my last Eva one. It was really hard to get the size down on this one, because it's Eva and there is a lot of motion.

    This is a dedication to someone for their birthday, and it's very artsy. So if you don't like that, turn away. This is a character profile, yes, but only somewhat of Rei (who is my favorite character)... it's mostly a character profile of the person it's dedicated to. No comments are really necessary. If you like artistic videos (granted, I'm not skilled like Nightowl or AD), you might like this video. I do recommend that you watch this video at least twice in order to catch everything, because I did use some text.

    The song is the most beautiful piano instrumental I've heard in my life. (edit: well, I take that back now, but it's still pretty damn cool)


    I used a lot of still frames and fanart in this video. The fanart was pointed out to me by Cyanna, to whom I am very grateful. If any artists see this and notice any of their work (which I am pretty sure is public domain), feel free to contact me and I will give you credit.

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