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  • Profile: Natsu chan desu! ^_^

    New year, thought this profile could use an update :]
    This year the three of us are going to 12th grade and I think I am the most active person in this account since I uploaded ZOMG 6 different AMVs and counting :D

    For you Yuri fans I recommend the Kannazuki AMV since it's... Yuri o.o
    Shounen-ai fangirls would probably like to try Stand Out and Everytime I Fall For You- it's sheer BL XD

    And of course if you enjoy listening to the *cough*crappy*cough* band "Hayehudim" you're welcom to DL Bankotsu's Era Of God (the AMV is actually good, I just somewhat disagree with Tenshiru's taste in music 8D).

    The FFVII AMV is plain crap, but I really love it~ *hearties* XD

    Um... and Galmon's AMV... It's okay I guess :o
    (I decided to be a bit mad at him since he's very self-centered and would only talk to you if you adress him first~ and if he reads this, I hope he gets the massage that I still think of him as a friend, but that he should try to show a bit more that he cares just as well if he really does~ :P)

    **LE GASP AN UPDATE! Natsu uploaded her long promised Host Club vid, and Shiru (Moi:P) just uploaded the second Naruto AMV of this account! This time it's Shipuuden~! It stars non other than everyone's favorite Akatuski guy, Deidara, un. The song is the opening theme of a nostalgic favorite- Nils Holgerson! Give it a download, if you dare, un!

    "By the way, it's me who leaves opinions from this account, Natsu isn't mean enough. ^__^"

    That's right, I leave the GOOD opinions 8D
    (see who's the tenshi now! XD)

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