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  • Member: Shitza
  • Studio: Ignis Productions
  • Title: YAOI~Takuya and Kouji wants it in their way
  • Premiered: 2006-02-01
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    • Backstreet Boys I Want It That Way
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  • Comments: Okay, here we go again. Another abrupt stop in the character theme AMVs. Gomen everyone, I just had to make this. And it took me less then a day, in truth, only a few hours. And it is better then my earlier projects, at least as I can see it.

    There's been a lot of fan art in this one, I am sorry everyone who makes fan arts if I took yours without asking. They were found at gooogle and other places... hate me if you want, I can remove this video. But believe me, I never put it here to ashame or be rude. It is just that it is so damn cute, plus I envy it.

    Oh well, it is a YAOI video, with not much of a back ground story, except that it is cute. Many clips were hand chosen ealier, way earlier, then when I made this. I think the idea has been tempting, very tempting, but my old computer could barely open the video maker program without malfunction of some sort. It took a while to start, guess why my fingers itched like hell for it.

    Beginning song is SLASH from Digimon Tamer, Japanese version. I just needed a good start, and it suits me well, introducing Ignis Productions, all though the Kouji picture is not mine, again. :(

    Main song or AMV song is I want it that way, from Backstreet Boys. I am not such a big fan, never truly been, yet the music makes me pretty Nostalgic from time to time. But it became a great song for it, I've searched for a suitable YAOI song, and I know there is an even better verson, yet i don't have that one. *pouts*

    The clips mainly follow the lyrics, sometimes it was hard to find suitable clips so if the video breaks away from the song, it was in those parts I lost my imagination. Or gained too much. Anyway, this video contains *no* irritating none wanted flashes, only in one place where we shortly see everyone else, right before the clip where Takuya carries Kouji from the battle with Cherubimon., but I promise you, I never saw thatone making this. Only afterwards and it nags me alot.

    It is not only cute, for those who have seen frontier you may recognise some. It has also surprised me greatly to see how many cute clips there are of Kouji, espacially when he is smiling somehow. *fan girl screams to the MAX*

    Some clips has showed up in many other AMVs, as far as I know I am debuting with a lot. There are many short clips and not long dragging ones so there is a high tempo. Or pretty high tempo.

    Some few attempts of mixing as well, the first was well... not the best. But it is cute, first Takuya/Kouji/Takuya/Kouji. Besides their two brothers "Well, in Takuya's case Tomoki is almost like a brother." The funny thing is that they stand at the exact spot. I also let the "mistake" to Kouichi, the only time this AMV swaggers from the main theme.

    Oh, and BTW... I used two clips from episode 37, where Takuya and Kouji defeated Cherubimon. During that walk back, with Kouji on his back. Can any of you see where the two clips meet. I've been staring at it, but it is pretty good. It is two clips, not one!

    In the end the clips are, well, a little irregular. take an advice, don't make an AMV in less then 5h. You get crazy afterwards.

    Anyway, hope you'll enjpoy. Havy fun, and please pretty please reconsider comments!!!

    Love you all!!!


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