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    To go more in depth, I remember seeing my fist AMV maybe 11-12 years ago somewhere on the internet. In fact, I believe my sister showed me and it was a pretty famous one to this day in Merei's Trunks AMV set to Heart of Sword. The idea was totally new to me, as well as anime itself, but I loved the concept. AMVs were few and far between back then, and these were the kinds make with VCRs! Impressed, I saved many old DBZ vids to my HDD.

    Two years later I saw a whole slew of them at my first convention when I was 15 at Otakon. I had no idea so many people were into making them. And when I saw a contest, I was experiencing the creme of the crop. So many amazing vids set to all kinds of anime. Some that made me laugh, some that made new anime look interesting, all of them inspiring. To this day, the AMV contest is always my favorite portion of any con.

    While in limbo between contests, I found myself often daydreaming when listening to good music, and often found myself coming up with AMV concepts in my mind, despite not being an editor. It was official, I was infected. But this was a disease I could live with.

    Fast Forward another 10 years or so. Only now, at the ripe *cough* old age of 25 do I finally begin to throw my hat into the editing ring. I go all out and spend well over $2,000 on my new rig and Adobe suite, not specifically for AMVs alone, but it became apparent I now had very ample tools to make things my mind had been concocting for years at this point. Lemme tell you, when you don't have the non restraint of youth holding you back from just putting clips to music anywhere, it's actually hard getting your foot in the door and starting a project. I actually cared how my product looked. Having been watching AMVs for a decade, I was well aware of what my work would becompared to.

    I'm pleased to say that after about 6-8 months I have made 2 AMVs so far and for initial efforts, I don't think they're half bad. I'm pretty comfortable with Premiere at this point and the next big step is After Effects. And accomplished veterans around here, if they want to help tutor me in that program I would be uber ecstatic in that regard. I can't wait to make more videos that hopefully most people can enjoy.

    AMVs are an experience and a peer into the editor's dreams. I hope I can properly convey my dreams for you in the future. ^_^

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