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  • Member: Rendakor
  • Title: Nothing Amazing Happens Here
  • Premiered: 2012-03-13
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    • Less Than Jake History of a Boring Town
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  • Comments: This video was originally intended to be an action AMV; the idea was to show the battle scenes from FLCL to the chorus of the song, contrasting the lyrics about how boring everything was (which matches Naota's attitude) with the crazy robots coming out of people's heads and fighting. So I start plugging along, and it wasn't until the timeline was ~75% full that I realized: Whoops, I made a romance video. WELP

    Big thanks are due to gotegenks, my AMV sensei and ever patient beta tester. Without his help, this video would have been pretty terrible -_-;; and full of stock effects. ALL OVER THE PLACE. I left the one, because well, it looks cool.

    This is my second AMV, but my first that I've tried to edit according to the Org standards. The footage was edited entirely in Vegas, at both a framerate (29fps) and aspect ratio (720p) that didn't match the source I had ripped (23.396fps, some silly AR)

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