JOURNAL: Douggie

  • Join the least time-consuming MEP in history! 2009-07-24 12:40:49 Okay, I started a MEP, which is really not time-consuming at all to join. Just a few hours. MAX.

    Tell your friends who can edit to join. Post it on the German AMV-boards. Whatever. Just spread the word!

  • Yeah 2009-04-06 19:09:57 Time for a new journal entry!

  • Don't tell anybody.. 2008-10-10 18:45:15 ..I'm plugging my new vid in this journal! ;)

    A Beautiful Night, My ...friend:

    Nothing great in my opinion, but I keep wondering why people find it a wierd video, or even an artistic one. I mean, I thought this one was my most "mainstream" video until this point? It just seems I can't create a "normal" video... not that that is necessarily a bad thing! :D

  • Wondering about the following... 2008-08-06 08:29:46 So AWA Expo deadline is up soon and from what I recall correctly there were around 200 entries back then. Now I'm wondering, because it takes a gazillion hours to watch those AMVs for the judges, some AMVs will not be noticable at all because of them being tired. Well, at least I know I would be tired watching hours and hours of AMVs and eventually not be judging with a clear mind I think.

    So the question is, would it better to release your AMV for such cases, so the judges would already be familiar with it before watching? The theory would be that you would stand more chance because they have already watched it in a less stressful and less tiring situation.

    If that's the case, then I should release something before September

  • Finally! 2008-04-01 21:57:14 Okay, the first AMV is done for this year. It's quite crappy, but hey, it's something! I actually spend another 4 hours finetuning, then made the intro and outro within an hour. The worst part was the exporting and uploading which took me...

    3 hours!

    What's up with Premiere and "failed compiling movie, unknown error" when exporting and rendering? It's really weird because there was two frames he refused to render. So I had to do exporting the hard way...

    I think I'll check the forum for answers tomorrow (because Google doesn't tell me a lot).

    I think I'm gonna do my school assignment now and just not sleep... it's incredible what people do for AMVs!

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