JOURNAL: Astromutant (Terry K.)

  • Stuff 2005-09-02 20:09:56 I am starting a new amv. It uses X. That is all <.< doing it for my gf and hopefully she'll like it, so it wont be too awsome, but it wont suck as girls will like it...thats about it.... 
  • Breathe? 2005-08-29 20:53:19 I got the new CD for breathe finally, the single also has another really good track on it- called The Trick, its really nice sounding, i want to use it for an AMV but i dont think i'll be able to considering i dont know what id do with it. The Breathe edit is really good though- even though its still 4 fucking minutes long <.<...i thought i was done making ridiculously long AMV's but i guess i'll just have to make one more. W/e as long as its not totally super boring or something, which it wont be once i'm through with it <.<...

    School starts tomorow so that just sux, ive got my emo bag and everything ready though, so all thats left is to sleep and maybe exchange some ops or something. Oh and listen to Breathe a couple more million times before i begin to rip the source for this thing XP, i'll be ready to edit by the weekend hopefully.  
  • Profile Pic XP 2005-08-27 04:38:49 I updated my profile pic <.<...i guess its not a very good reason for an update but whatever. I think if anything it tells the reason why i want to make amvs............basically in the hopes that orochimaru's ass will be kicked.

    I also smile whenever i see it, so maybe there are others that smile when they see it as well, and maybe they will look at my AMVs after they get all happy from looking it

    Its just a subliminal trick really, but its enough to post a journal entry for 
  • geh? 2005-08-26 01:27:51 School starts soon- that kinda sucks a bit........i will have a LOT less time to edit, so that really upsets me quite a bit, hopefully some time will free up.

    Im not quite sure what to do about the Eflen Lied idea, i want to do it........but i dont want to do it that badly and i certainly dont want to screw it up at all. It seems like the kind of thing that would be perfect if done right, but absolutely horrible if done wrong. I think instead i am going to pull a Bleach AMV with another one of Prodigy's songs- Breathe, at least the edited version of Breathe i ordered on one of the singles, or i might not do that <.<.....I need to be more decisive <.<...

    if ANYONE know where i can get Bleach RAWS or has some they want to send me or something ^_^ which would highly be appreciated, they can email me at

    I really dont mean to spam, but its really hard to find this stuff in high quality. so i get what i can.

    Oh yeah, and thank you everyone who have randomly been opping my videos lately, i really appreciate them all ^_^ but <.<....i need more opinions on this one

    I want to know what more people think of that style of editing, the action, pacing, all that stuff, and the opinions i have gotten really arent very useful <.< offense. None of this OMG YOUR VID IS AWSOME!!! alright- pick it apart for god sakes.........pick it apart until it looks like half eaten roadkill- how am i supposed to improve if its already perfect? which it isnt. That is all. 
  • @World 2005-08-23 20:41:06 OK fine i know im not keeping this shit up like i should be. So i guess i better start now; My life sucks as usually due to the inevitable restart of school in a week. This little bitch will destroy any shred of time i have to make an AMV, so before the summer is out, i need to rip some stuff. The main idea i had juggling in my head is Eflen Lied

    to Beck-Summer girl------record scratch and switch-------Prodigy(Smack My Bitch Up) if you dont get how thats gunna work <.<...then you havent seen Elfen Lied. It'll be short though, i'll be cutting the music alot, and hopefully well, so it'll be a happy little 2 minute thing ^_^. I havent tried a short amv yet so this will be fun, and bearable....

    As for life.....WoW controls me for now- thats all i can say, its hard for me to pry myself away long enough to edit or even come up with stuff. Im not exactly a full time maker, and what i do i spend a LOT of time on, so every couple of months i'll roll something up <.<...hopefully WoW will not increase this gap to years or decades, and hopefully no other editors have fallen victim to it.

    As for the site- @Sammy i really would like to have some shit with you since your monotonous insults are amusing, but its too much effort to come up with something to piss you off, so i'll leave it to you if you want to, even you dont even know who i am. Godix's posts are much more fun to read than yours anyways, so keep at it enough to make him post more. Please.  
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