JOURNAL: Astromutant (Terry K.)

  • Astromutant 2005-07-18 01:12:12 Um. Iv'e been on this site for a while but I've never bothered to use this "journal" function. I guess i can start now. There isn't much to say though, except i came out with this one new AMV

    I've been working on it for a while. I'm going to Japan tomorow *thats right bitches, envy me* so i needed to get it out on the weekend so i wasn't thinking about it when i'm in japan supposed to be thinking about other things except AMVs. I think Japan is gunna be fun though. It'll be my first trip so i'm pretty excited. That's really it though. Regarding AMV's i think my next one is going to be a comedy AMV since i have a ton of crappy ideas and a couple good ones, but not one like Kintaro Juice <.<....all that perversion is getting to me.  
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