JOURNAL: 808-buma (Roy B)

  • 2006-07-18 16:01:36 geesh, the one day that I'm not online during the work week and what did I miss?

    if i wanna see boobs i can look in my shirt :P

    Mizzu Hime (2:11:44 PM): hmm judgie u no wat?
    Mizzu Hime (2:11:50 PM): i like man cream better
    Mizzu Hime (2:11:51 PM): =]

    Jade-Eyed Angel
    man cream
    now whose wuld that be? =P




    this too:

  • Katie - what are you suppose to know??? 2006-07-16 14:02:45 heheeh - well, Scoob cut the ending of my vid!!! You'll have to wait until I see you so I can send the uncut version...

    and as an afterthought here - just what curse has occured on me for my recent mep pieces? first the very strange off-beat sync with Rina's grad amv and now getting 'clipped' on this one...

    all I have to say is that my yuri-mep piece better not be the 'third time is the charm' for this curse

  • rinarina 2006-06-14 04:59:16 y r u not in bed??? 
  • 2006-06-12 15:45:35 yes, jubbers crap is teh sh!t

    I just wish mine was as sweet (and looked at by so many - is that sort of wrong??)...

    oh, and I liked the running rei banner, personally... 
  • @ jubbers, jadd, JEA (<--that's you, rina), Scob, and everyone else who went to akon 2006-06-12 15:15:32 whee! everyone is back! and with new vids to be dl'ed too (but I think I saw most of them already @_@). I hope you all had fun, and here's hoping that I can see you all either at the next Akon - or when you guys finally realize that Kawaii Kon is the best convetion (in Hawaii) that you all want to come out here and see me!

    muhahahaha - it's a holiday here, so I'm at home sans AIM, so I'll tty guys tomorrow - just dying to hear what you guys did! 
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