JOURNAL: RichLather (Jeff Tatarek)

  • More than a feeling 2006-05-09 20:52:28 Woop-woop! New video ready for download! Announcement thread to follow. 
  • I have no snappy lyrics to insert here. 2006-04-28 14:35:03 If all goes well I'll have an entry in both the ACen and A-kon contests. All I need to do is upload to A-kon's designated site and it's all good.

    In other news, just got the DVDs for Excel Saga vol. 6 as well as Arcadia of my Youth, so now I can begin work on an Excel Saga AMV as well as remastering "Send Maya My Love". 
  • Won't you turn your radio down/Respect the seven second delay we use 2006-02-22 21:08:57 (that's from Donald Fagen's "The Nightfly")

    Well, just learned that next week I'll be the guest on the Otaku Generation podcast.

    That is all, move along... nothing to see here. 
  • She Couldn't Find How to Push Through 2006-02-11 22:47:45 While watching the Opening Ceremonies for the 2006 Winter Olympics, I heard a catchy tune during the Athletes' Entrance. I listened closely, caught a little bit of the lyrics and Googled them and thus discovered the song "Moonlight Shadow".

    I CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO THIS SONG. It's the Mike Oldfield version, not any of the dance remixes which I tried but couldn't stand, to be honest.

    AMV Hell: Championship Edition has a new challenger. I entered Round 10 and the deadline is midnight tonight but I won't tip my hand as to what I used for music or sources.

    I continue to work on ideas for contest entries, mostly because I need an excuse to get off my ass and start producing again. 
  • Feels Like The First Time 2006-01-17 00:28:12 Another overlong gap in my journal entries... Well, I still don't have another job in the video production field BUT I have an interview on Tuesday the 17th for a part-time position at a production house in Worthington OH (north Columbus, really). If I get it, I have a feeling it can very easily develop into a full-time position.

    Meanwhile I'm working a blue-collar factory job. I hate it and would leave it in a heartbeat for a beter paying job. The hours are long (12 hour shifts), the work is dull, repetitive and rarely challenging but it's all I've got right now so I will stick with it until I can afford to leave it. A side benefit is that all of the physical labor that goes into the job has resulted in my losing over 35 pounds, so I'm now down to about 260lbs, which looks pretty darn good on a 6'4" frame.

    I've wrapped up co-hosting Anime Hell at Ohayocon, the first time we had two events at one con with the main show on Friday night and a smaller more free-form show on Saturday night. I hope it's the beginning of a trend. It is sad that the success fo the first Hell of 2006 is overshadowed not only by Kevin Lillard's heart attack at the con (he's now home resting comfortably) but also by Jeff Thompso's death after falling ill at Ohayocon. My prayers go out to his memory.

    Last thing in all this is that the wheels are indeed turning once more in my AMV creation process. My goal is to enter as many contests as I can using new material. I have my sights set on ACen, Otakon, and especially AWA.

    Okay, so I lied--THIS is the last thing: I've been asking to be a guest on the Otaku Generation podcast, most likely airing as the first show in February. Give it a look-see! 
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