JOURNAL: BaHaRa (Hayley, Rachael, and Barry )

  • title 2003-04-30 11:45:46 vid is called Leaves of Happaness, done to Yatta! by Happa-tai. it has something like 35 animes in it. we thought we would switch it up a bit from our last vid... 
  • video... 2003-04-28 22:06:50 mailing out to AX tomorrow....
    and we have a title narrowed down to 2 choices heh. leaving the deciding up to the last minute i guess....
    hopefully tomorrow i'll register the title and video online, and then it will be official :)

  • new vid finished 2003-01-07 13:05:35 we got together during the week that our schedules didn't conflict over christmas break and cranked out our Otakon entry! stress packed vacation. we made it early because the three of us won't be able to see eachother again until after the deadline.
    when we made our first video we didn't think we could make it into the otakon contest. of course we were extremly happy when we did. all three of us feel much stronger about the new vid, as our editing technique has improved (i, and this vid has much more Otaku Appeal :)
    again we found ourselves a crazy song, and the footage we choose to go along with it is even more wacked.

    we're still working on a title...

    AIM: Skippasaur 
  • hosting 2002-10-24 09:06:20 yep, we're online :) at least i think so heh. 
  • Hosting!! 2002-10-19 17:40:46 Thanks to April from Binghamton's anime club we have finally got around to getting our video hosted. It should be up relatively soon if all goes well. Hopefully now the opinions will pour in  
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