JOURNAL: BaHaRa (Hayley, Rachael, and Barry )

  • New entry!! 2002-09-24 17:34:49 A new entry!! hurray **cheers**

    anyways, we have jsut won a Golden Asuka!! We entere nandesukan (sp?) and well, we won, Banzai!! I should be receiving the Asuka in teh mail soon, i can't wait woohoo.

    Well anyways, the original plan for getting our video hosted wa to use moobies, but they seem to be operating very slowly, but I ahve not put much effort into it sicne most of the people who really wanted our video simply used AIM...and to anyone who didn't catch that, IM me (TwiZTeD SoUL), Rachael (Skippasaur), or hayley (HgSouth) if you would like us to send you Scatman.


  • heh 2002-08-27 18:13:32 wow, i'm on an update fest lately.

    scatman video is on my computer now heh. we're working on getting it hosted, but if you want you can message me or hayley and hopefully we can send it through AIM. i've already sent to a few people.
    AIM: Skippasaur
    Hayley's AIM: Hgsouth

  • 2002-08-26 13:00:31 why is it every anime forum has to have a dub/sub debate? and what's with these stupid 'this anime character vs. this other anime character'? you can debate it until you're blue in the face, but nobody's gonna know if vash can beat kenshin in a fight.

    ugh i hate forums.

  • vrrah 2002-08-25 01:07:21 i'm bored. time for a journal entry!

    video is compressed. just a pain cause the computer doesn't have internet access or a zip drive. barry found a site to host us tho. i guess he's not as lazy as he seems lol. He's thinking of checking AXNY out. we went to BAAF last year, and weren't impressed. hopefully this will be better.

    I'm leaving for school in less than a week. that should be interesting.

  • Yet another delay 2002-08-07 07:57:48 Unfortunately, Hayley's Grandmother passed away last week, and she was forced to leave for Michigan. Needless to say I don't think any of us are in the mood to work on our vid's intro and getting it compressed. Jeez, we're worse than Synch-point (Will the FLCL DVD EVER stick to a release date??)...

    Well sorry for anyone who is actually interested in downloading the video...It's not that we're lazy or don't care, we're just been getting some bad luck and timing (both me and my sister had tooth surgery this week, in fact, she just left to get hers about a half hour ago).

    I'm not feeling too great, and i gotta go change my i apologize for any typos. 
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