JOURNAL: LoopyChew (Lawrence Chu)

  • 2002-04-29 17:47:37 This was the first year where the Sakura Con AMV contest has divided up entries by category. There were a few technical problems at the screening, mainly because the staffer who was supposed to burn all the entries onto a DVD with title cards didn't get around to doing it. Here are the winners:


    ADRENAL CATEGORY: action, horror (21 entries)
    "Knock Down the Walls": Trigun / Offspring, "Original Prankster"

    Victoly. ^_^_v 
  • Japan. *waves flag* 2002-04-04 03:51:12 Eric Kobet sent me a note saying he got Knock Down the Walls. That's a good thing. I dunno whether it's playing or not, but here's hoping. ^^; Everyone vote for Baby's First AMV!

    I still have yet to send it off for Otakon, and now I'm wondering if I should send Knock Down or the Butterfly vid. Hm... 
  • Done! least, in draft form. 2002-03-31 15:52:26 The title says it all. I just finished my second complete draft but an hour ago, and I'm feeling goooooooooooood inside. Hopefully I'll find a place to host it; Simperson looks like he's not taking in any more new AMVs for the time being.

    Ah, well, I'll figure it out sometime. After some passing around to friends for final spotchecking, it'll go up to Waldo's. Meanwhile, I'm gonna spend some more time basking. 
  • 2002-03-30 06:58:59 Yay, everything between second chorus and ending done. Now all I have to do is find some way to fill up the verses. :P

    I think I'm getting into the groove here. This one looks like it's gonna take all of ten or fifteen hours of actual editing to do, which is about half the time it took me to work on my last (first) vid. Maybe we can cut down that timing in half next time, too! (I hope.)

    I'm really, really confident that this video'll hold up to par with Knock Down. I like all this action funky stuff. ^^ 
  • "I wasn't kidding when I said it'd be a Meiji-samurai-pseudo-techno-romance AMV." 2002-03-27 17:50:05 Okay, action parts are pretty final, and slow section between fights 2 and 3 taken care of. Effectively, the only things I have to worry about now are getting the 22 head shots of Kenshin that are necessary for this video. This video goes out to all the Kenshin and Kaoru people, or for those who just can't get enough of that ran no rurouni (wacky wanderer). I fully expect it to blow me away, if nobody else. :P

    Been busy working and schooling over the past couple of days. Quite productive, actually. I answered a whole bunch of questions in Database Concepts, which looks to be the hardest course this semester by far. The Introduction to Information Processing course, which is the first course you're SUPPOSED to take when you're doing CS, is dirt easy for me. Today we had a quiz which we were supposed to do in twenty-five minutes, and I did it in five. I honestly didn't see why people were having such a struggle with it...then again, most of the people in this course aren't like the enlightened users you folk are. :P Basically, if you can get around the computer without much difficulty and you can name the different peripherals and to where they connect, you'd pass as easily as I did.

    And last night was spent in the computer lab...well, working on this video. I managed to rip some footage, but not really enough to satisfy me. Ah, well, it happens.

    Noticing scratches on my DVDs. Not deep, but still, not good. Hope they'll last me. 
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