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  • "I'll shut up those blubbering worthless weenies!" 2002-03-24 16:26:19 Correction. I've had a thousand hits on the page itself. I HAVE had 300 downloads on Simperson's link, though. Still, I WOULD like another review or two. ^^;

    Shishio/Kenshin fight done. I'm FINISHED!...with the adrenaline parts, anyway. I gotta get some of my DVDs back from my friends, and I'll be set to do the verses.

    *stretch* Not much else to talk about, I guess. Later, folks. 
  • *stretch* 2002-03-23 18:22:37 Finally finished off the Aoshi and Soujiro fights. Now all that's left is Shishio, and with that, all the action parts of this video come to a close. Need to get my Season 1 DVDs so I can work on some of the parts of the verse.

    Random comments:

    1. Despite being mostly Kenshin footage, this video's probably going to be more of a Kaoru character profile, with the fight scenes in there because it feels right. The verses deals with how Kaoru sees Kenshin, know, this is beginning to sound like the plot behind Seisouhen 1. ^_^;

    2. I've decided that this video's unofficial nickname is "Kyoto Kombat: Annihilation." I think you'll see the influence the Kusoyaro vid had on me--it was one of the first videos I ever watched. (Something like the third or fourth--first one was Lain/Living Dead Girl.)

    3. Technoromanceaction! It's a new genre!...or something. ^_^;

    For those of you who liked my first video: I firmly believe this one'll be up to par, if not better. ^_^...who am I talking to? Despite the fact that almost 1000 people have downloaded from the Simperson site alone, I've only had four comments that didn't come from friends who owed me favors! Come on, I wanna know what my audience thought! :P

    Despite it coming on 3:30, I'm not tired. Odd. 
  • Random stats for current music video: 2002-03-21 05:20:21 Total amount of footage ripped at 720x480 using HuffYUV and DVD2AVI: 2.66GB
    Amount of current fight footage: 2.38GB
    Saitou: 458 MB
    Chou: 569 MB
    Hiko: 360 MB
    Aoshi: 1.03GB

    If you haven't deduced it from these numbers, I've already done editing for the first three, and JUST ripped the Aoshi fight. I plan on making these numbers a bit more manageable.

    That's how I'm going about with this video: I'm doing all the fight scenes first, then I'm working on the stuff in between afterward. I want the fight scenes to be as dazzling as possible. (Hell, I want the whole thing to be as dazzling as possible, but realistically, if I work on it chronologically, I'm gonna burn out by the time I get to Shishio.)

    I hope this works out the way I plan it to. ^_^; 
  • And there we go. 2002-03-19 04:05:27 On my two-day offline-at-home hiatus, I managed to get about forty-five seconds of footage done for the new AMV. This one's turning to be a real learning experience, too. Namely: the RK anime isn't as crazyactionpacked as I thought it was. Oh, I still love it, but after creating a clip based around the Saito/Kenshin fight, none of the other fights that follow even come close to matching with the raw ferocity of this one.

    Of course, I've turned the Saito/Kenshin fight into a thirty-second sound bite. But I like to think I made a good job of it. Unlike some of the other fights I've done, this one uses very little in the "sped-up clip" department, not to mention needing the least of my mad wind ninja editing skeelz to look good. Most all the other fights I can think of with Kenshin in them are going to be turned into either seven- or fifteen-second sound bites, so be thankful for what there is. :P

    Only NOW have I realized the true beauty of capturing in full-size: when you shrink the finished product to 320x240, you have a flawless capture, with no worries of interlaced frames or ANYTHING. Granted, it takes up four times the space (logically), but it's well worth it. (The clips from which I've taken the forty-five seconds of footage I have already consume almost 2GB of space--2GB well consumed.)

    I've also got my next project in mind, and it's none of the ones I mentioned previously. I'll PROBABLY work on the RK OAV vid in my spare time, but that's going to be saved for a rainy day (I've gotten through the first thirty seconds, but realized that I don't know what to do for the verses). We'll see how that one turns out. 
  • Bored. Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored. BOOOOOOOOORED, bored. 2002-03-16 11:40:44 I've been spending the past week 'thonning some anime with friends. We did Trigun, RK 1st season, and we're working on Outlaw Star.

    Ripped footage for my RK/Butterfly video, but haven't gotten to work on timelining it yet. Windows ME doesn't like me, and I don't like it. We've got this working relationship, but if I try to do more than half a process on it, it gets cranky about lack of memory (with several gigs of free HD waiting to be consumed by the swap file and 256MB of RAM? Come on!). Hence, Premiere cannot be run when I have apps like ICQ or IE or Progress Quest or a blinking light app on.

    God, I hate WinME.

    Also sent out Knock Down the Walls to SakuraCon and ACen. Hopefully it'll do well, but at the same time, I'm afraid of having to outdo myself. ^_^; Knock Down was really a lucky break, a lot of it fell in place without any assistance from me. Ah, well.

    Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored. 
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