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  • Hirugashi AMVs 2012-11-04 09:18:15 Today is a double update because I forgot to write here the last time I made an AMV.

    15/1/12: when I first heard about Reefer Madness I thought it was anti-drug scaremongering. I later learned it was a satirical musical and enjoyed it. I chose to use Higurashi because it was full of people who kept going mad.

    4/11/12: after having 35GB of Higurashi clips on my PC for about 9 months I decided to either delete them or make another AMV. I chose the latter after relistening to my West Side Story CDs and found a song about young people being in trouble with a police officer. I find it a little creepy how well some scenes went with this song.
  • New AMV 'Travels of a pariah' 2011-09-03 09:00:05 I've finished my 'Travels of a pariah' AMV, which uses the anime Hare+Guu. The song '(...I've never met a) nice South African' was written during South Africa's Apartheid regime and condemned almost all South Africans. Consequently Hare travels around the world seeing many things, except a nice South African.

    It can be viewed here:
  • Cleaning up my profile 2011-09-03 08:58:14 In order to reduce the amount of text in my profile I'm going to post most of the information regarding my AMVs here.

    18/08/11: I've finished my second PMV which involves the relationship between Rarity and Fluttershy. The song is 'Better than I am' by 'Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie' and it can be viewed here:

    <a href=></a>

    27/07/11: after nearly 2 and a half years I have managed to find the time and the motivation to make another AMV called 'Forbidden Romance'. As I stated in March this AMV uses the anime Haru + Guu. This was not the AMV I was planning to make in March because I only recently found the funny song in this AMV. I choose to make this AMV first as I felt that the other AMV would be more complex as it will involve scenes from other anime.

    So enjoy this AMV and expect a few more before I run out of song and disappear once again.

    11/03/11: after nearly a 2 year break I've made my first PMV (Pony Music Video). The cartoon is 'My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic' and the song is 'Mind Numbing Books' by Mark Edgemon. As it's not an AMV I can't upload it but you can view it here:

    <a href=></a>

    I have plans for a Haru + Guu AMV though I keep putting it off. One day I'll have the motivation to do it.

    29/03/09: after an 8 month hiatus I've made another AMV unfortunately doesn't host AMVs with songs from Spring Awakening. I'll upload it somewhere else as soon as I can.

    30/07/08: I've finally made another AMV. I was unable to make any sooner because I was on the 13 Week New Deal Program where I had to go to a company to learn how to be 'employable' and search for jobs; or do a work placement (this lasted all day every day). Then I started making mods for M2TW and this took up most of my time. My current mods are:

    Total War Eras:
    <a href=></a>

    4 Seasons:
    <a href=></a>

    Anyway my latest AvMV (Avatar Music Video) is called "Zuko's Eternity" and is the sequel to "Azula's Offer", focusing on Zuko and how he reflects upon his actions. Again I can't post it here but it can be viewed here:
    <a href=></a>

    I plan to make one more AvMV, then focus on making AMVs and HMVs.

    23/02/08: I have finished my "Azula's Offer" AvMV (Avatar Music Video). I can't post it here because it's not an AMV but it can be viewed here:
    <a href=></a>

    20/12/07: my "Kids In Japan" AMV is now available. This AMV focuses on Kitagawa and the odd world she live in. The anime is Sensei no Ojikan (Doki Doki Teacher's Time), while the song is 'Kids in America' by Kim Lian.

    This is the last AMV I am going to be making for a while since I have no more ideas / songs for AMVs at the moment (though I have an HMV and 2 Avatar videos planned). I'll probably resume making AMVs some time in the new year.

    25/11/07: my "Nazi Taru" AMV can now be downloaded. Warning this AMV makes reference to Nazism.

    24/11/07: I've finally finished my latest AMV. It took me a long time to make because I added some effects while the scenes was moving, so I had to edit every frame. After checking with the staff I was told I could upload this AMV despite its content, so I will upload it as soon as I can.

    04/11/07: I'm currently working on my latest AMV, which will feature Naru Taru and the song 'Little Tiny Moustache' by Stephen Lynch. When I'm finished I'll upload it here if I'm allowed.

    03/09/07: I've completed my second HMV, which contains my new HMV opening. This is the last AMV I plan to make with an ABBA song.

    18/08/07: my seventh Nana Mia AMV is available, 7 days after the last one. This AMV combines several of my Nana Mia AMVs into one AMV and tells a story about Nana (Hachiko), Nobu, and Takumi. This AMV does contain some new footage.

    I've finally finished my Nana Mia AMVs, now I can take a break and think about something else to make an AMV about.

    11/08/07: my sixth Nana Mia AMV is available, 7 days after the last one. This AMV is called Starstruck Love and is about the romantic side of the relationship between Nana (Hachiko) and Takumi.

    04/08/07: my fifth Nana Mia AMV is available, 7 days after the last one. This AMV is called Lover's S.O.S. and is about the relationship between Nana (Hachiko) and Nobu.

    Though I have finished the 5 Nana Mia AMV I planned to make I also plan to make a bonus AMV and a compelation AMV containing all my Nana Mia AMVs.

    28/07/07: my fourth Nana Mia AMV is available, 7 days after the last one. This AMV is called The Sun's Game and is about the relationship between Nana and Ren.

    21/07/07: my third Nana AMV (Nana Mia) is available, 7 days after the last one. This AMV is called Tempered Love and is about the relationship betweem Nana and Nana.

    14/07/07: my second Nana AMV is available, 7 days after the last one. This AMV is called Devil's Snare and is about how Nana (Hachiko) cannot escape her attachment to worldly goods and pleasures.

    07/07/07: after a long break I'm back. I've planned out 5 Nana AMV, each using a song from Mama Mia (ABBA musical). The first of these is "Fortune's Honey" featuring Shin and Reiya.

    For those of you who don't know Japanese Nana means 7, so I'm starting on the Nana day of the Nana month of the Nana year. How's that for good timing.

    10/04/07: I have finished my Hey Satou AMV. I couldn't make it as colourful as I normally make my AMVs because it gave some of the footage weird bluring. I have more AMVs planned but they currently do not contain any new series.

    28/02/07: I have finished my Satou AMV. Its about a hikkimori called Satou and his problematic life. My next AMV will also feature this series (Welcome to the NHK).

    26/01/07: my latest AMV features Haruhi and a song about an arrogant teenage superstar. If you've seen the series you'll know why I called it 'Teenage Ultrastar'.

    29/12/06: I have made a new AMV using Death Note called 'Death List'. It is about a list of people who would not be missed if they were killed.

    30/11/06: I finally managed to get FTP to work on my computer. Popular is now available for download.

    28/11/06: my 'Mixer at Delta High' HMV is now available for download. I plan to upload my 25th AMV 'Popular' as soon as I can connect to Kero.

    31/10/06: the AMV contest I entered (Done to Death AMV Graveyard) had produced an MEP of the results.

    29/10/06: I have made my first non-anime music video (End of Our Hope). I have included it on this site merely as a record of all the music videos I have made. If you want to see it please visit my profile on youtube (<a href=></a>).

    12/10/06: the mods have informed me that 'Mixer at Delta High' is unsuitable for this site in both material and content, so I have decided to reclassify it as my first HMV (hentai music video). I will try to upload it to an alternate host soon.

    09/10/06: I have created the profile for my 26th AMV 'Mixer at Delta High'. I plan to upload it as soon as I am able to make a modfied version for this site.

    18/09/06: decided to upload my videos today, rather than wait for Friday (I may be busy this week). Though these videos premiered on the same day I changed the premier date of 'Magical Pharamacy Abenobashi' to yesterday so that they appeared in Chronological order.

    17/09/06: I have made my 2 AMV's. Both are comedy but one is light-hearted, while the other is much darker. One of these AMV's will form the basis of a MEP I am planning.

    08/09/06: My 'Wacky Echelon' AMV is now ready to download. I also have 2 more AMV's planned.

    02/09/06: since I've finished my dissertation I am now free to make a new AMV. This AMV will feature another song by Mike Harding and the anime Excel Saga. The song is called Upper Echelon and refers to upper class in England (includes the artistocracy).

    28/07/06: Excel's childhood has been uploaded. Be sure to read the notes I provided.

    24/07/06: I will try to upload my new AMV (Excel's Childhood) this week.

    30/06/06: 'Azumusicals' is now available for download.

    25/06/06: I have finished my 20th AMV 'Azumusicals', I will post it next week.

    07/06/06: won my second victory in the 'Done To Death! An AMV Graveyard' contest (I forgot to post my first win). All winner's entries can be found here (I won rounds 3 and 7): <a href=></a>

    06/06/06: day of the Devil.

    02/06/06: my 'Demented Kaede' AMV can now be downloaded.

    30/05/06: my exams are finished and I so is my 'Demented Kaede' AMV. I plan to post it on Friday.

    21/05/06: I have decided on what my 19th and 20th AMVs will be about. I will make them after my exams have finished.

    28/04/06: I have posted my 'Tokyo Nightmare' AMV. It has a large file size because it is in PAL format (I could not reduce it any more than I did).

    17/03/06: posted my remade version of 'The one I want'. As there were many changes I put it on a new page and called it 'Your the one I want' to distinguish it from the original.

    27/02/06: I have begun work on two new AMVs. One is a remake of 'The one I want' (using DVD footage and better effects) and the other will involve Azumanga Daioh.

    25/02/06: I have been trying for several weeks to remove the interlacing from my 'Special Olympics', 'Be Dokkoida' and "Duelists' Lament" AMVs. However as this Full Frame Blending I have had little success.

    03/02/06: I recently recieved a comment about several my AMVs not having any images, just the song. Can the person who had this problem please check that they have the latest codex for avi files and email me if they are still having problems.

    23/01/05: I have uploaded the improved version of 'Hard Love', 'Superhero: the extended version' and 'Cali-porn-ication'.

    23/01/05: my experiment worked, I now have a version of 'Hard Love' that is much better quality. As I have also been granted permission to upload 'Superhero: the extended version' I will upload these as soon as possible.

    21/01/05: I am going to try to improve the quality of my 'Hard Love' AMV by turning the compressed version into a huffy avi, then try to remake it. If it ends up looking better quality than the one I already have I will upload it.

    20/01/05: I have uploaded the updated versions of "Duelists' Lament", 'If I could be Dokkoida', 'Special Olympics', 'SuperStars!' and 'Why mommy left us'. I have not uploaded the new versions of 'Cali-porn-ication' and 'Superhero: the extended version' because they are both over 100mb, so I require permission to upload them.

    17/01/05: I have managed to remake "Duelists' Lament", 'Cali-porn-ication' and 'If I could be Dokkoida' by converting their non-compressed AMV into a Huffy (which Virtual Dub can read). I will upload these three as soon as I receive permission to upload my 'Superhero: the extended version' AMV.

    My attempts at improving the compressed 'Hard Love' caused it to turn a weird colour, so I have decided that I will need to completely remake this AMV to improve its quality (which I have no plans to do at this point. I have no plans to upgrade 'Wedding Bell Symphony' because it is so unpopular.

    10/01/05: I cannot upload my new version of 'Superhero: the extended version' because it is still over 100mb, so I need to reapply for permission to upload it.

    08/01/05: I have learned how to improve the quality of my AMVs post processing and how to how to compress the audio. As such I have remade 'SuperStars!', 'Special Olympics', 'Why mommy left us' and 'Superhero: the extended version' so that they are of a higher quality and have a smaller file size. I could not redo my 'Hard Love' AMV because I no longer have the non-compressed verion. I also could not redo any of my older AMVs because of the type of AMV they are.

    To the person who asked me if Drawn Together Season 2 is out yet, I'm sorry to say that it is not, I got these clips from the TV and cut off the Comedy Central logo.

    04/01/05: I have recieved permission to uploaded my 'Superhero: the extended version' AMV and it is now available for download.

    24/12/05: I have completed my Drawn Together-Dokuro AMV, however as it is over 100mb I need permission to upload it.

    11/12/05: uploaded my latest AMV, this one features Shuffle.
    Now that I have completed this AMV I can fully dedicate myself to my next AMV, which will contain both Drawn Together and Club-to-death Angel Dokuro.

    24/11/05: removed the subtitled version of 'Mokuyama' and 'Mokuyama's Return'. Added an image based on a comment I recieved about my 'Special Olympics' AMV.

    11/11/05: due to the support for this AMV I recieved on the forums I have now made my 14th AMV 'Special Olympics'. Its about the cast of Azumanga Daioh and how 'special' they are.

    28/10/05: finished my 13th AMV, 'Superstars!'. Its about 2 anime characters with a lot of money. I tried a lot of new things in this AMV.

    26/08/05: added my 12th AMV, 'Hard Love', which has my new opening logo. This was the first AMV I made using 'Edit Studio', as opposed to 'Windows Movie Maker', and it was much easier to use. I may make one more AMV if I have time.

    17/08/05: was planning to make an AMV that combined the PC Yu-Gi-Oh games with the series but this looked bad, so scrapped it and I'm going to do something else instead.

    12/08/05: I have made a plan for my next AMV, I will post more details as it develops.

    29/07/2005: my 10th AMV, 'Wedding Bell Symphony' is now available, so is the long awaited 'If I could be Dokkoida' AMV (number 11). I plan to make at least one more AMV, though I currently have no ideas as to what it should be.

    26/07/2005: my 8th AMV is now available for download. I plan to post 10 and 11 later in the week.

    22/07/2005: uploaded my 9th AMV "Duelists' Lament". For those wondering why I have not uploaded my 8th AMV; the reason is that I need special permission to upload it.

    30/06/2005: Uploaded the 4 modified AMVs and my latest creation, 'Nonsense Fiction Double Ninja'.

    24/06/2005: managed to get a program that was able to crop almost all of the subtitles from my AMVs. I have redone 'Moyama', 'Mokoyama's Return', 'Rainbow High School' and 'The One I want'. I will upload them as soon as the admin tells me how to replace the AMVs that are currently uploaded with the new ones.

    17/06/2005: My plans to remove the subtitles from the AMVs I have already made are as follows; as the files are wmv's cropping them will be difficult, especially in the case of Naru Taru which has large subtitles on two lines and normally some action on the parts that would be cropped.

    Consequently I have decided to try to wait for the DVD releases and remake the AMVs from scratch, unless I find a good editing program. 
  • Azumusicals 2006-06-16 10:33:30 My next AMV will feature the cast of Azumanga Daioh singing songs from musicals. 
  • Possible AMVs 2006-01-25 05:16:50 The previous entry should have been cancled AMVs, this is possible AMVs.

    I am currently considering making two AMVs, however as they are outside of my area of skill I am unsure about making them. If there is strong support for them I will make them.

    Popular: I combine Kare Kano Yukari and Maho, and the song Popular from Wicked. Basically Yukari tries to help Maho be popular, but does so in a demeaning way.

    Problem: it will need a lot of lip-sync, not my strong point.

    The One I Want Remake: this video was popular but it is basic and not good quality. I could remake it with more transitions and better lip-sync.

    Problems: lip-sync and special effects are not my strong points (both of which are required).

    Let me know your opinions on these. 
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