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  • Member: Uanime5
  • Title: Gee Ooishi
  • Premiered: 2012-11-04
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    • West Side story Gee Officer Krupke
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  • Comments: For my 42nd AMV I again used Higurashi as it contained a police officer, children, and I still had all the Higurashi clips on my PC. The song is 'Gee Officer Krupke' from the film and musical 'West Side Story'. Though I could have used Rena as the main character as the person the song was about was clearly male I used Keichi instead. I also thought about using Rina as Keichi's mother but Mion had more scenes that were relevant.

    This AMV focuses on Keichi as he goes through the justice system but focuses on other characters when singing about how good/bad everyone else is. Ooishi plays the role of Officer Krupke, Kimiyoshi is the judge, Dr Irie is the psychiatrist, Takano is the social worker, and Tomitake is a bystander who is forced to help.

    The lip sync in this video was very difficult because in many scenes the camera was panning left or down, so I had to keep moving the mouth. Getting the mouth correct on the Keichi angel was very difficult because the colour of his skin changed slightly in every scene. In the end I had to redraw several frames.

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