JOURNAL: Vivamist (Erica Milton)

  • New years resolution 2012-12-25 12:39:26 As it's christmas eve and soon to be the new year. I got thinking of what i want to do and change about myself.

    mmm mine is ' buy guitar learn to play and get over my stage fright with singing!!'
    Despite being in a band a while ago I was/is always scared to sing infront of people(yep lead singer)... go red, get embarassed the usual shyness.
    HOPEFULLY i can do it !!!and not be a wimp at 21yrs old D:

    So that's mine what's yours?

  • Evolution just got 10x meaner D< 2012-05-18 18:50:29 11.30pm Erica sees massive wasp crawls up the door. Erica gets father to kill it.
    Convo to sis afterwards :'D

    [23:39:27] Lia: lol what just happened?
    [23:40:52] Dinoeca: biggest wasp i have ever seen in my life crawling on the back of my door. could see the stinger from my chest of draws
    [23:41:03] Lia: ewwww
    [23:41:31] Dinoeca: can't believe how huge it was and what dad said. next time come down stairs.... urm. FUCK no am i touching the door
    [23:41:41] Lia: hahaha, did you call him?!
    [23:41:50] Dinoeca: texted
    [23:41:54] Lia: LOL
    [23:42:09] Dinoeca: you would of done the same believe me
    [23:42:14] Lia: probs yeah XD
    [23:42:52] Dinoeca: ;-;
    [23:43:27] Lia: lol awh bub!
    [23:44:41] Dinoeca: defos not sleeping now
    [23:44:48] Dinoeca: gonna be paranoid
    [23:44:53] Dinoeca: like where the fuck did that come from?
    [23:45:05] Lia: yeah...was your window open?
    [23:45:08] Dinoeca: NO
    [23:45:23] Dinoeca: crawled from under the door
    [23:45:24] Dinoeca: wtf
    [23:45:33] Lia: O_O
    [23:45:36] Lia: wtf
    [23:45:43] Lia: where DID it come from?!
    [23:45:47] Dinoeca: dunno
    [23:45:52] Lia: ew ew ew
    [23:45:55] Dinoeca: but wasps just evolved dude
    [23:46:08] Lia: they is biiig now
    [23:46:51] Dinoeca: the world just got a whole lot meaner
    [23:47:08] Lia: hahaha it so did
    [23:47:25 | Edited 23:47:53] Dinoeca: evolution is an asshole
    [23:47:28] Dinoeca: D<
    [23:48:10] Lia: lool 
  • I apologise to my teachers D: 2012-04-19 17:24:50 I feel incredibly sorry for all my all teachers who've had to prepare for parents evening. whenever they said they were busy doing all the paperwork and in the back of your head you couldn't help but think , 'it isn't a lot of work to do'...


    Even pre-school teachers have the exact same amount of work T_T for the past two weeks I have been updating folders and writing comments...IT'S NEVER GONNA END!!
    I swear the amount of folders in my pile is increasing... FML T_T

    *side note* 70% done of an amv :'D

  • Not dead but with new project! 2012-03-17 16:52:11
    I swear I am not dead!!! I've uploaded on yt but not here sorry >< I am currently working on projects T_T which is draining the life out of me.

    But anyways, I decided to do an big Mep project there will be two meps under the same project one for animes before 2008 and the other animes 2009+ Each song is well suited and I believe everyone will enjoy. I haven't set any limit to the amount of participants because I would like to see how many editors would like to take part.

    Here's the link for more info.

    I hope people will support and take part in the project and help support/promote the project. Hopefully this project will be successful (prays) >< 
  • boo 2011-12-14 02:09:10 oh HAI!

    Yeah i am not dead... well i've felt like death for while. Rotten colds!!

    Anyways will be doing a full amv soon, just a bit demotivated because of work and etc. but but my sometimes lovely sister got me ke$ha tickets for this Friday ftw! VIP gig HELL YEAH! Though i really want to go and see above and beyond soo much this month ><

    Hopefully i will upload next month XD

    VM ~
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