JOURNAL: Vivamist (Erica Milton)

  • A masking tune 2011-09-03 12:52:31 So i've been masking for 3 days straight... for an amv which is roughly about a minute Woop woop!
    But i got so bored while masking i came up with a lil tune, which i think fits it rather well XD

    Oh how i love edit ,love to edit, love to edit,Oh how i love edit ,love to edit, edit. But i have to mask, have to mask , have to mask, But i have to mask, have to mask , have to mask, mask. But it kills my soul, kills my soul, kills my soul. But it kills my soul, stone, cold, dead.

    approiate no?? LOL

    -goes to upload amv- 
  • FUNNY master remix 2011-08-07 14:04:57 During a Vc convo with katzie/Nekkozie we went on each other yt accounts and had some funsies messing around, after a while i decided to be evil and create and upload a quick vid and she would do the same. i managed to get mine uploaded before she did. so i thought i would share the vid via here first, before she watches it on yt , and then perhaps upload it.

    a quick funny vid , for a funny day :'D yes it's michael jackson but a master remix XD 
  • muwhaha 2011-07-19 10:44:54 *stares at new compy*
    It's so beautiful :'D
    *starts installing*
  • YAY 2011-07-14 07:25:02 So after completing an PERFECT AMV and in the middle of uploading it to yt my computer decided to die... again >_> hard drive.. again so a no return.
    Almost a decade of using a laptop, i'm gonna change use a brand new desktop pc with a beautiful 19inch screen and amazing specs. Thank fudge i got paid this week :'D

    Now i can possibly get AE without being frightened my computer will exploded XD
  • I am a nice person indeedy XD 2011-07-04 06:21:36 aww fun times XD

    [11:13:32] Mally: bahhh you girl
    [11:13:36] Mally: JUST BAH YOU
    [11:13:44] Erica: awww you sheep
    [11:13:49] Erica: all the baahing
    [11:14:01] Mally: BAHHHH !!!
    [11:14:10] Mally: bahhing ish cool yo
    [11:14:11] Mally: !!!
    [11:14:23] Erica: oh do you want a yo-yo?
    [11:14:34] Erica: is that what you are bahhing about?
    [11:15:00] Mally: = (
    [11:15:01] Erica: :3
    [11:15:03] Mally: *cries*
    [11:15:06] Mally: meanieeeee
    [11:15:11] Mally: stop picking on meee
    [11:15:18] Mally: *pokes intensely *
    [11:15:26] Erica: *shoves*
    [11:15:30] Erica: XD
    [11:15:39] Mally: *falls to the ground*
    [11:15:40] Mally: whaaaa
    [11:15:57] Erica: awww is it nap time already?
    [11:16:13] Mally: dont poke fun outa my napsss
    [11:16:14] Mally: =

    - bit later-
    Erica i cant comprehend your whiteness at times
    [11:18:50] Mally: BLACK IT DOWN
    [11:18:53] Mally: BLACK IT DOWN
    [11:19:10] Erica: Sorry i can't change the colour of words 
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