Contest My Mix - RESULTS!!!!!!!111one

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Contest My Mix - RESULTS!!!!!!!111one

Post by dj_ultima_the_great » Mon Dec 19, 2005 8:04 pm

Welcome to the Contest My Mix Results thread! Those of you who clicked here probably already know what you're here for, so I'll just cut to the chase.

The top three winners of Contest My Mix are...*drumroll*

1st - Nekoyoukai, with Remember...

Neko, you have earned free opinions and free betas from me for a full year! Also, you have earned pimpage in my signature. (if you want a particular link image, you'll have to provide that yourself, though...for now, I'm just using text)

2nd - Inthesto, with Amnesis

Sto, you have earned three free opinions and one free beta test from me!

3rd - Sayde, with Influences of Eve

Sayde, you have earned a free opinion and a free beta from me! Additionally, since you used both the anime and song that I had listed in combination, you have also earned another free opinion!

Congratulations and job damn well done by all of the participants! Bravo. *clap-a clap-a clap-a*

Now, for the little details...for free opinions and betas, the deal gets even better. You can use those on ANY video - it doesn't even have to be your own. If you know of someone who really deserves or needs one or the other, I will gladly give out an op or beta to that person. Of course, if you want to keep 'em to yourself, that's okay too. ^_~

Also, you may have noticed that the wildcard stat was moved to first place, since my brain couldn't come up with anything creative enough to use as a requirement.

Thank you uber-very much to all who entered. The results were great.

And...I'll see you all around next contest! (once I come up with an idea for it... ^_^;; )

- Jen

PS: if you're curious what you got score-wise (as well as the little comments I made while watching your video), PM me. Beware, though. I scored harshly, so the numbers (and the comments) might not always be pretty.

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Post by sayde » Mon Dec 19, 2005 8:54 pm

Thanks for coming through on your promise of letting us know the results on monday night. Congrats to first and second place winners, and thank you once again dj_ultima_the_great for hosting this. :D


btw, since I wasn't too sure whether you meant I earned another free opinion towards any amv I wanted or towards the one I had done for your contest, I'd just like to make it clear right now that I would be very appreciative if you could just give me an op for the amv I entered for this contest. That's all. Later!

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Post by HorrorPhD » Mon Dec 19, 2005 9:14 pm

Many congrats to the winners...I haven't seen 2nd and 3rd place's vids yet, but I did get a chance to view 1st when it first came out...and WOW. Very nicely done, and very deserving of the award. :)

Again, congrats to the winners...and thanks to Jen for hosting! :) Looking forward to the next one!


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Re: Contest My Mix - RESULTS!!!!!!!111one

Post by Ileia » Mon Dec 19, 2005 11:34 pm

dj_ultima_the_great wrote:1st - Nekoyoukai, with Remember...

Congrats! A very moving AMV. ^^

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Post by Nekoyoukai » Tue Dec 20, 2005 1:17 am

Wow I can't believe I actually won. Thanks a bunch and I'm glad that people actually enjoyed it.
I haven't watched second and third place yet but I'm sure they were great and congrads^^ I'll get to downloading them right away.
And thanks to dj_ultima_the_great for hosting this. It was a lot of fun.
As for my first free op I'd like it to be for the Vid I entered please and thank you^^


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