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  • Log #20 - Beta / Angelic Layer / Because I feel like it 2008-01-03 15:02:54 *Meowzic: Lisa Komine - Faith*

    So now its Thursday. I actually have to check this fact because it usual for me to forget the day of the week in a time when the dotw doesn't matter, case in point Vacation. however Ive noticed then when i actually find out the day of the week and am reminded that this wonderful thing known as vacation is about go fly out the window as I crash into the brick wall that is school and other "fun" life chores, I begin to feel bloody depressed which take the fun out of the whole vacation thing.

    On the bright side Ive tweaked my latest AMV as much as possible and am now waiting for the 30min - 1hour Beta render to complete before the 35min upload to sendspace so I can have it beta'ed. and this time leaves me exceedingly bored. So I have a favor to ask, if some of the people who are reading this happen to have a link to something they consider a "good" Angelic Layer AMV then PM the link or get it to me some other way. The lovely friends that I have here decided to give me the AL box set for Christmas which leaves me with several diffrent ideas that I want to try out, however since AL has been out for ages I want to be very careful that whatever I do has not been done before and better. Normally I would look for the AMV's myself (and I have) but since there is no option on AMV search for "Good AMV's only" one would have to continually go through all 200 some odd pages of AMV's to find the good ones. So hopefully whoever decides to read this has something that is considered "Good". Thanks in Advance.

    Also, even though whoever reads this is probability of the mind to read every journal regardless of who's it is, and has probability already seen this I'm giving the link anyways because I feel like it. 
  • Entry #20 - New Year, Thoughts, Ect 2008-01-02 11:18:56 Ah new year, the time of year that truly feels like any other boring day. Heres to the year, in hopes it was better then the last.

    My New Years was quite uneventful, Went to bed early and read a book. Yeah I could have went partying and got drunk and all that jazz but I didn't see the point. besides anyone that I would have liked to party with were all out of Provence for some reason. Odd. I must look into that.

    Then yesterday, while being no different from any other day. I had a good time. Completed the time line on my First AMV since may, which was very exciting, now I just have to fix the tweaks before sending off to get BETA'ed. Although I have yet to figure out who I'm gonna ask to beta it. Eh. But hopefully with any luck Ill have it released before the end of the weekend which is exciting.

    But since this is the day that I leave Vegas alone and don't look at my AMV, I have went diving to try and figure out my next project. Which has been unsuccessful as of yet. Had a good Eva idea, however when I look at the idea as a whole, I might end up half-assing it in someplace's and then it will look no diffrent than any other Eva vid, so I might pass on that. The song is good though. Might be able to pair it up with another Mecha anime in my collection. hmmmmmmm.

    One thought did occur to me though as I was diving through my music collection, I found an artist that I haven't listened to for several years lying around on my HD and an idea popped into my head that this music would work great in an MEP mix or something. Unfortunetly for me, an MEP thread would probability fail quite quickly if I were to start one. I'm not well know enough yet, I don't think. maybe in a few months when I have released a few more vids and am well enough known to have people posting "/me gets" in my announcement threads that I might decide to bring this MEP idea to life. Until then I guess I play the waiting game. 
  • Well isen't this intresting.... 2007-12-31 10:06:50 Its fun when you haven't looked at something in a very long time. In my case, this journal. At first I was just going to post some quick sentence just for the hell of it but then I re-read some of my old entries and tried to see what I was thinking at the time.
    Alot has happened since AN, and that was back in May, here we are the last day in December, wow.
    So for the people who care heres whats happed in the past 7 or so months.
    First, the summer. Had a lovely vacation with my folks over in NFLD Canada, for a total of 2 months with a shitty internet connection. and that is where I would guess my lack of connection with the .org started. Anyways, began editing a vid there, never finished it, and probability never will so yeah theres that. Had a wonderful time though the place is beautiful and the best thing is that everything I want is at most a 10min walk away, and I lived in the residential section too. Here at home I'm used to the whole drive for 15min just to get food, but in NFLD the cities are built for walking. and they have a nice pond smack dab in the center of Corner Brook, with swans, SWANS! Anyways read a few good books while I was there, If you have never read the Temeraire series by Naomi Novik I would highly suggest it, Beautiful series and its not even done yet. I also went and bought Pokemon Diamond for my DS and went crazy with that for a few weeks. haven't touched it since though.

    So after the summer I come home about a week before school starts back up again, revisit a couple of my friends that I haven't seen in 2 months. Then my Girlfriend breaks up with me, and decides to go out with an old friend of mine 4 days later. Fun times, ruined my September right there. Worst thing abut that is that from the way it sounds, I feel like im in a bad soap or reality show on TV or something. Girl breaks up with guy to go out with guy's best friend. Anyways....
    Nothing much from Sep to Dec, its mostly a blur. I know there was alot of eating and sleeping, but otherwise I can't be so sure. In regards to school though, I have gained a new liking to English, because suddenly its all about books. And when I say that, it means "Read a book and tell me what you think" rather than "Read a book and tell me how this person thought this about the book". I'm giving alot more opinions then what I hear about, contrary to past English courses I have taken. I also learned that I hate Physics with a passion. Because Im close to failing the course and I don't particularly like the way the teacher is teaching it.

    So now where am I... oh yeah December. The start wasn't bad, but I really diden;t like this month until 2-3 weeks ago when vacation started I needed a break. So my dad was nice enough to bring me with him as he traveled through the eastern united states to meet some old friends. So I spent several days in New Jersey and Rocky Mount NC. and funny thing there NJ with being so close to New York and a fairly big city in itself diden't have Hi-Speed internet in either of the Hotels I stayed at. Yet over in Rocy Mount where I had to drive 5-10min to see civilization besides the interstate had High-Speed in BOTH of the Hotels I stayed at. Funny thing, and lucky that too, If they didn't I wouldn't have been able to watch Project FMV when it was released. Which by the way:
    (Give some love and bump this back to the first page someone)

    So yeah that was my vacation. I would talk about y christmas now but I feel that Ive wasted your time long enough. and becides I gotta get back to editing. If Im luckey Ill have my latest out by this time next week.
    So til then!  
  • Anime North 2007-05-28 16:27:57
    Man that was a blast, I just spent the last day recovering. Probability should have typed this up yesterday while it was fresh in my mind, but I am so tired....

    Anyways, I was really pleased with this year. No Hotel problems for the first time, except for the fact that they gave away our room and we had to wait over an hour before we got another one. Ah well better then the problems that I have had previous years.

    In total I really only have 2 complaints that really bugged me, 1) the fact that the dealers area was constantly opening late thus robbing me of perfectly good buying time. and 2) They added a new rule that no J-walking was permitted across the road to the doubletree hotel, if you were caught your Con badge was to be taken. However it seamed that every time I was near the Hotel I could see groups of people J-walking and not even being spoken too by the people patrolling. It was really annoying.

    I was happy to see though that I could only find one other Male Ed Elrick cosplayer who was not wearing a wig. And in fact the majority of the Eds at the con that I saw were female. Not that I have anything against crossplayers (Hell I was traveling with a Male Chii the entire time) I just find it odd that the female population enjoyed playing Ed so much. Huh.

    The AMV contest was also something I really enjoyed. I'm already in the planning of my next AMV. I'm just going to do planning for it though because I'm currently in two MEP's and really don't want my HD to fill up again.

    I also had a look at the rules for CNAnime's AMV contest. They seam a little more bare then AN's. which is a little bit of a disappointment. However it is still early for them so It probability will be updated in a few days.

    Not much of a panel person this year, only 5. But they were still awesome. Epically the FF and .Hack ones. Heard that that dance was alright. Didn't go myself after last year with the 2 hour extra wait in a lineup for a small cramped room and music that I diden't really like considering the wait.

    Anyways thats it from me, I could say a whole lot more but there is just too much to do it justice. Can't wait for next year though.

    @Aeri: That QC that you sent to the wrong person was probability me. I got a QC that really diden't seam to make sense. Sent ya a PM but I don't think you got it. If you want to write a real QC for apples thats fine but yo don't have to if you don't want to. I just glad you noticed. 
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