• 100GB later... 2007-05-22 17:08:38
    First of all:

    Now for the actual talking. I recently had a look on my HD around 4ish days ago and realized that my new 250GB hard drive was full. So naturally I went and looked to see what the hell was taking up all the space. I found out that my project folder (the place where I keep everything) for Apples was over 100GB big. Now I really have no idea how the hell it got that big, probability because, with it being a new drive and all, I was thinking "Who cares how much space this takes up I got TONS of space".

    Well I don't.

    I'm gonna have to organize it in a few days before I back up what I need and delete the rest giving me over 100GB of space to work on my FMV and Clow segments. Which I really need to spend time on..... but first ANIME NORTH.

    If anyone else is going there I hope you have as much fun as I'm going to have. Already double checked my room in the Park Plaza hotel, because Double Tree was a big pain in the ass last year. Its only 5 minutes walk anyways, not that big of a deal.

    First year that I am cosplaying too, only on Saturday though, Ive been with people who have cosplayed before and you can't do hard core buying and cosplay at the same time, you get stopped to much by fan girls who want pictures. So cosplaying on Saturday when I'm going to all the panels should be better.

    Anyways off to get food.

  • 2007-04-21 19:06:09 Just FINALLY finished encoding a cleaned up beta for my latest AMV and sent it off, for testing.

    I am so wiped. It's been a long week.

    I Finally however was able to get some time and watch Requiett's Alternate Dimensions MEP. Its been sitting on my HD for awhile now and I never got around to watching it, till today when I saw it there in my Unwatched AMV's folder and was like I might as well.

    And let me say I am very impressed. If you haven't watched it yet watch it now Its worth your time. Or at least I think so but what do I know anyways.

    I think I'm going to take a nap now. Talk to ya all later!

    Alternate Dimensions: 
  • Almost a month... wow 2007-04-20 22:02:52 Time flies eh? Two more days and it will have been a month since my last entry. Man I don't have any free time anymore :)

    So whatís happened in a month? Nothing really. The concert band that Iím in is going to a competition in Chicago in 2 weeks, and no one knows his or her parts. Or rather some (like me) know their parts. Others say "I have a very good excuse" but refuse to tell anyone what that excuse is. So yeah, as long as they don't complain when we do bad, I don't mind anymore.

    On the AMV front? Not much on the whole. I have this one AMV thatís been on my HD for a little over a month now and I finally completed the timeline for it, so now Iím in the beta stage, I already have a few people helping me out with betas but if you want to help me out as well send me a PM or something and Ill send you a link.

    Don't know why you'd want to though, its not OMG impressive or anything. But then again I think all my vids are crap :P

    VIDEO: 85% (Beta)
    PJFMV: 25% (Editing)
    CC: 0% (Ripping) 
  • Arkada:1 Capture Card: 0 2007-03-22 18:49:02
    ~Winamp - Current song: ALI PROJECT - Seishojo Ryoiki [TV size]~
    ~VLC - Current video: Hellsing (Disc 3)~

    I finally got the stupid thing to work for me. It took over five restarts and various "Just reboot and everything will be fine" till I finally get fed up and kicked the thing. It works fine now ;p

    Anyways, so Iíve begun using my capture card for my next project, as well I have begun ripping the Hellsing DVD's for my Clow Collection track.

    Working on three projects at one is interesting, good thing I just dump all my extra crap to a secondary computer otherwise I wouldn't have space for it all. So now Iím going to get to work, or just watch Hellsing.

    Till later

    ANIF: 100% (Final uploaded)
    PJFMV: 10% (Pre-editing)
    CC: 0% (Ripping)
    Unknown: 0% (Ripping) 
  • I hate capture cards 2007-03-21 19:43:07 ~Winamp - Current Song: Various - ProjMix-fullsmall~
    ~VLC - Current Video: Kitsuner - Emily (PAUSED)~

    I mean I really hate capture cards. My first one burnt out on me, and now no program wants to connect with my current one. What I really hate about it is that I have no other option for N64 capturing.

    A friend of mine suggested just getting an emulator and ROM then using fraps to record it, problem is, my graphics card is incompatible with the emulators. Thus textures are warped and the colors are wrong. I would just go out and get a new graphics card but I just spent all my extra money on my capture card. Figures eh? Anyways enough of my ranting.

    Started work on my PJFMV track yesterday, with the clips I captured off of Star Ocean 3. Itís an interesting game to work with. Especially since there is no know ripper for it and people are too lazy to capture from it. Except me of course :p Anyways I had a look at what other people are doing for the project, and I realized that my track is the second shortest by 2 seconds. Ranking in at 45secs long. SO I decided that I am going to work my ass off and try to make the best dang 45sec of the entire MEP. I know thatís not going to happen, but I'm going to try.

    Time to get cracking! 
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