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  • Member: MioMug
  • Studio: Phoenix Productions
  • Title: Solus
  • Premiered: 2008-01-05
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  • Song:
    • Ice from AKB48 Aisareru to Iu Koto
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    So here it is, after 7 months of an AMV Hiatus, this is what Vegas spit out after 2 weeks of work. I really donít know why I havenít edited anything since May, its not like I havenít had ideas, I guess I just wasnít motivated. Or something like that. But when Christmas vacation rolled around I learned that I had nothing to do on my free time away from my folks. So here is the result of that.

    Unlike my last AMVs, in which I constantly tried to do something new, I created this one with what I had learned from previous projects. Making it less experimental and a much more solid video.

    So enjoy.

    Special thanks to beta testers:

    English Lyrics:
    The palm of your hand
    will be the same in the future
    because I know
    that one day Ill grasp it
    even if I loose all of my freedom
    my joy and my sadness
    won't be controlled

    To be loved
    people can't live alone
    to be loved
    someone please stay by my side

    Just by being loved
    somehow anyone can become kind
    just by being loved
    a peaceful tomorrow will come

    To be loved
    to be loved.....

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