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  • Title: Attack Of The Otaku
  • Premiered: 2008-01-02
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    • Jenny Rom The Game Of Love (E=MC^2 Mix)
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  • Comments: Edit: Some fecking troll has used a download accelerator on my hi-res direct download again, so it had to be taken off. Sorry. I dont think i can host xvids anymore if this keeps happening.

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    allstarramnafan (3:19:21 PM): omg
    Radical Yue (3:19:35 PM): iknorite
    allstarramnafan (3:19:35 PM): that was so fucking hot on my widescreen monitor
    Radical Yue (3:19:44 PM): xD
    allstarramnafan (3:19:46 PM): if this video was a living person id have to rape it
    Radical Yue (3:20:00 PM): iknorite


    Haha. well.. where do i start?

    This video ended up being 100x more complex then i originally planned.

    I started this video in early april, a little while after i finished Silhouette. To be honest, this video was originally going to be a quick, simple host club video deticated to the fangirls, hence the name, Attack of the Otaku (sry Koop im not calling it Variegated Confectionaries). So while in the middle of getting footage, Nee gives me this "crazy" idea to add SHNY for lipsync. Well rather then just using it for lipsync, i ended up adding the whole show altogether. As for lucky star, i started editing this video before the show came out. Once i saw the first episode, of course, it had to have that bloody dance in the opening theme, so i ended up adding that too (So you cant complain about the lucky star dance =O cause technically i was one of the first to use it). Luckily all shows work nicely together and are all made entirely of win x3

    But like i said before, this video turned out much more complicated then predicted. Im not really sure what motivated me to do all that i did in the first place. Like i said before, it was originally going to be quick and simple. I had already planned on including hearts, stars, vibrant colors and the like, but i ended up experimenting a lot more then i thought. This video kind of pushed me to learn new things i could do with vegas besides the chroma key ;O

    In regards to footage, its actually quite varied. DVDs, HD footage, raws.. heck even a couple
    fansubs. I know, dont hit me. Some raws had glitches due to sucky encoders which made me resort to a couple lucky star fansubs. However, all of Haruhi and Host Club are fansub-free. As for digital effects, most of it consists of rotoscoping (904 frames in fact -- although it really doesnt look like it). A good majority of those frames were from the haruhi dance. Oh yeah, the haruhi dance. Hate it? BITE ME! It takes a good 20-30 minutes to mask out one frame.There were 482 frames. Do the math. Anyways as for the rotos, im still technically a noob when it comes to using it as an effect, so the quality of the rotos varies throughout the video. The older ones have rougher edges or are blurred a little excessively, and the relatively recent ones are more clear and sharper without overdoing the blur. As for other effects, lots of chroma key, lots of scene deformations (the visuals in particular), hearts, stars, text effects, etc. While they were used a lotin the video, they werent used so much to the point that you couldnt see whats actually on the screen 8D

    Technicality-wise, this was edited entirely in Sony Vegas 6 and Adobe Photoshop CS2. Local container is mp4 as per usual, except at 1024x576. I had lots of playback problems with lower res ones the night i encoded it.. of course the next day it plays back fine.. either way i think it looks pretty nice upscaled without any major loss in quality. The file size is a little bit big but this time around i went for good visual quality rather then low file size. If you cannot playback mp4, you will need the CCCP Codec Pack and/or VLC Media Player. If you still cannot playback the mp4 for various reasons beyond my knowledge, theres an xvid on direct instead.


    To sum it up, i personally think this is my best video to date (effects wise anyway) and the one ive placed most effort on overall. Its basically a fun, happy hardcore romance'ish video filled with chii-rainbow-seizure times that will probably amuse anyone who is an rabid obsessive fangirl and doesnt have epilepsy. If you aren't one for ridiculous effect-whorage, you probably wont find much to enjoy about this video. Other then that, if you're up for something perky and seizure-inducing, this may just be your ticket.

    On a side note, this is best viewed shortly after eating/drinking/snorting some form of crack. Not that ive done it myself, itd just probably make it more amusing in one way or another o_O



    Some Amusing QCs

    2008-01-22 08:22:49 Attack of the Otaku >> Sex
    2008-01-13 18:05:25 suitably mad, and a very appropriate name
    2008-01-12 20:30:50 I think my computer had an orgasm when I watched it.
    2008-01-03 17:22:21 Shove some skittles in yo Vagina.
    2008-01-02 22:44:07 I ORGASMED d('-'d)
    2008-01-02 19:49:59 I wrote you a QC, but a bullsquid eated it ;_;
    2008-01-02 18:20:38 waaaakaaaa laaaaakaaaa.... no wait wut



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    Tattooed with flowers
    Man strongly muscled, steely heart
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    Hey you! ...Not you!!!
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    Hey you! ...Not you!!!
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    La la la la la la la......

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