JOURNAL: Hakura (Nicole Barrs)

  • New vids ^^ 2003-11-27 02:46:18 I also posted this in the forum, but for people that read it in the journal it's here too ^^

    New vids up XD

    This was my entry for the AWA 9 Pro contest, Nominated for, Best Drama, Best Artistic and Best technical. And winner of Vlads "The After-Effect-Award"

    Enjoy all comments welcome =)

    Also if you are interested:

    NES Project Track 2: Macross Plus: Burning Heat:

    DDR 3 Project Track 7: Holic
  • AWA baby! 2003-09-30 15:02:08 Well I just got back from my 40 hour drive back to Winnipeg from AWA.

    I'm going to upload, all of my work that showed at AWA including

    Pro Entry:

    Berserk - Sentance

    DDR3 Track:

    Naruto - Holic

    NES track:

    Track2 - Burning Heat - Macross Plus

    so enjoy them XD 
  • Site is up ^^ 2003-06-11 12:48:16 Well people the domain transfered ^^ and the site is back up ^^

    Give it a look see, it has a new look XD 
  • Not too much longer 2003-06-10 16:07:44 Well it shouldn't be too much longer before OTP is back up again ^^ yay no more spam from Zerophite up on the site XD

    I'm hoping everything transfers all right because I can't wait to get the site up again, there won't be any downloads but meh, it's the best you're gonna get XD thehehe

  • ^^ 2003-06-06 18:39:05 Well I started working on my DDR video for this year again ^^ looks freaking awsome ^^ thehehe I'm quite happy with it so far.

    I still have quite a few video ideas I want to throw around ^^ and so little time!!

    BTW, when I send in my AMV's as my portfolio for school, they phone me back with the best compliments anyone has ever told me ^^ XD it was such a great feeling. ^^ I can't wait to go there thehehhehe

    my normal E-mail doesn't work at the moment, so if you need to reach me use or 
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