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  • Member: Hakura
  • Studio: Otaku Productions
  • Title: Macross Plus - Burning Heat
  • Premiered: 2003-09-26
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  • Songs:
    • Mr T with Motoaki Burning Heat! (Full Option Mix)
    • Unknown Burning Heat! Orginal midi
  • Anime:
  • Comments: I decided upon this idea when the NES project was announced ^^ I love this song which I found from playing DDR XD. It's a remix of the classic song Burning Heat from the old NES games Gradius II. The song rules and the first anime I thought of was Macross Plus for it ^^ You will see why when you get the chance to see it ^^

    This is my first pure fun video, most of my work is drama, but you can't make a sad video to this song lol it just don't work.

    The video is mostly quite simple and is goes with the flow of the music at least to me ;p

    It stats off with a bit of Photoshop work :p the Gradius logo I masked from a screen shot of the game, and took screen shot of Isamu and masked him out of the frame then took a drop shaddow and applied noise filters, and stuff to make it look static like. XD

    After that it follows up with the same pattern this time using the other character , Gold.

    After that I used a simple mask again and place small screenshots in the center and zoomed them out to the beat.

    And for a while after that the video takes a simple editing turn and turns fun XD

    In the middle of the video I came up with the idea to swtich to the orginal Burning Heat midi file from the game lol I had Zerophite encode the midi file for me ^^ then I edited the audio using static noise samples I downloaded from a sound sample site, and screwed up the audio changing it to a midi file :P

    Durring all that, I have these caption where the characters get mad cause the quality of the music begins to suck lol honestly that was my favorite part of the video to do. I used small filters there as well ;p

    In the video I also used sample from the Beatmania II DX Burning Heat video, which is where the song orginated from. Beatmania is a Bemani (Konami) music simulation game.

    After that the video takes a "Rythem Animation" turn. Meaning it kinda flows like Lostboy's Rythem Animation video and takes the viewer on a ride ^^ and then it goes for the "final boss" deal as Isamu defeats Sharron Apple XD

    All in all I had a lot of fun making this video and I tried to match it to the Gradius atmosphere as much as I could ^^ WTF why are there 1000 missiles aimed at me all at once O.O yeah that kinda thing ^^

    This video will not be available publicly online unless you ask me for it personally because it's part of a project that doesn't premiere until AWA 9 in September, so expect it up fully after that ^^

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