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  • Member: Hakura
  • Studio: Otaku Productions
  • Title: Berserk - Sentance
  • Premiered: 2003-09-25
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    • Era Sentance
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  • Comments: *Nominated for Best Artistic, Best Drama and Best Techincal in the AWA 9 Pro Awards*

    * Winner of "The After-Effect-Award" from Vlad at AWA9*

    This video is another dramatic one geared towards fans of the series. It's focus is on the friendship between Gatsu and Griffith and Griffiths downfall in the end. There are spoilers and could possibly ruin the series if you watch it....

    This is also my first video with use of After see I'm not an effects freak, but I felt this video needed some to put the emphiais on the chatacters and the images you see.

    The use os stills on top of the backgroud is used to show which chatacter the feelings are reflecting at the time.

    The reason the main video flows int he smaller box in parts is ment to show that what is happening is only a smaller part of a larger picture... meaning. The events in the small window are what lead up to the larger picture/storyline int he anime.

    The sceans that are taking up the full screen are the more important ones, the require more focus. The video flips back and forth between Gatsu and Griffiths prospectives, as the words in the song change to suit each character.

    Also the use of this song is very important as well, its lyrics coinside with the series, and when I heard it I instantly though of the anime.

    I do hope you enjoy the video as I put a lot of effort into it =)

    All comments welcome and thanks!

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