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  • Member: TheFiller
  • Studio: Vipo-Studios
  • Title: I, Shield
  • Premiered: 2005-11-21
  • Categories:
  • Song:
    • Porno Graffitti Shiawase ni Tsuite Honkidashite
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This is my very first AMV. I started working on it a few months ago and after excruciating editing sessions, it's finally done.

    First it was really difficult to even decide which anime to make an AMV out of, let alone choosing the song. The basic idea was to make a video that looks good. It formed slowly as the weeks went by
    without a plan of any kind. Whenever I even had some interesting ideas, I scribbled them down on paper.

    I haven't really gotten acquianted with the AMV scene so far and the video might be a bit unorthodox. Several scenes are completely original material, made using only a few still images kindly edited with Photoshop by my friend thehaywire. He also acted as a brilliant judge of style, which contributed to the visual quality of the video. Many of my ideas turned into something better, thanks to thehaywire.

    As an example of originality I have to point out the cloud scene, in which the "camera" flies amongst the clouds. I made the scene by simply going outside with my video camera to film some clouds and after a little fine tuning with After Effects a nice "skyflight" scene was made.

    Costructive critisism is always welcome, it makes it easier for me to start the next project. I hope you enjoy the video, making it sure took long enough :D


    Shiawase ni Tsuite Honki Dashite Kangaete Mita // Seriously thinking about happiness

    The great future plan that I made as a child,
    Didnít really turn out right.
    Itís actually pretty normal, and a conventional everyday.
    And thatís not actually that bad.

    With the plan I made, by now I should have a Michel (Jordan?) like life,
    Going all over the world.
    However reality makes a composed face and spins the clock around.
    And I did whatever it wanted happily

    Ah, the cleverness of obliquely flowing days
    Ah, and you were there bottling overflowing emotions one by one in your heart

    When I seriously think about happiness
    I always end up at the same place.
    Go on, you try it as well
    Letís compare our answers later. Will they be similar at all?

    Boring times and happy times keep repeating
    It's often said that that is only half the story
    But don't say such a lonly thing, instead somehow feel it
    Like a team with a winning record, secretly aiming for total victory

    Ah, everyone is trying their best at life
    Ah, now and then I want to be praised for things "as it is" as well

    When I seriously think about happiness
    I realized that there was nothing out of the ordinary
    I must have been rude toward happiness.
    I should take a better care and pick them up again.

    Are you disappointed that a brat like me couldn't be like Michael?
    Ah, but none the less I gained the seed of my beloved happiness

    When I seriously think about happiness
    I always end up at the same place.
    Go on, you try it as well
    Do I come to mind? I hope I never disappear from it

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