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  • Member: KnX
  • Studio: Twisted Fuck Studios
  • Title: [TFS]Air - Death (by KnX)
  • Premiered: 2005-07-16
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  • Song:
    • Konishi Kayo & Kondoo Yukio Shinkai
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  • Comments: Anime-Air
    Song-Konishi Kayo-Shinkai

    The idea of the AMV is to show how short and difficult is life. And how painfull is the lost of someone that you love.

    In the begining its shown our hero go to visit his friend Misuzu. After nobody opened the door he goes inside and see her fallen on the ground.
    The black sky show the drama and tragedy in his soul.
    He runs to her. The dinosaur fall expresse how life get out of her body and she died into his hands.
    The Greyscale show the moment of death.
    After the flash effect the video show how they met eachother. The sky and the ocean expresse that they are differnet from the most people and that is how the sky find the ocean.
    After he stop to think about her he sees her diary and his memories of the past come out and show how they get to know eachother.
    After the next flash effect he try to stop to think about her but the memories just keep coming out.
    The next memories are how they become friends.
    He want to stop the memories who are always in his head. He leaves the house because he want to stop the memories.
    Next the memories back us in the past when she gets ill and he is trying to help her.
    After that he is on the beach and remembers the hard period of her sickness and he is useless to help her.
    After he gets back to reality he sees her in the stars.

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