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  • Member: ZennMora
  • Studio: Forty Dollar Productions
  • Title: Ninja of the Night - Precious Roy
  • Premiered: 2005-06-24
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  • Songs:
    • Sifl and Olly Calls from the Public - Senior Ninja Skipday
    • Sifl and Olly Precious Roy - Pirate Cripplers
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  • Comments: The CEO of Metrocon asked me to make another video for them to be shown at Metrocon 2005. So I decided to make another Ninja of the Night AMV for them. I made the theme of this one pirates vs. ninjas to match the theme of the convention.

    In the Ninja of the Night timeline this takes place before Ninja of the Night - The Exam.

    The premise is that the ninjas, Sifl (Naruto) and Olly (Sasuke), are selling a product on the Precious Roy Home Shopping Network.

    The second caller segment (Sakura) is from the same episode of Sifl and Olly as the Ninja of the Night. I had to reconstruct the background music from tiny snippets where Silf and Olly aren't talking. If you listen closely you can tell what a bad audio editor I am.

    Thanks to everyone who's shown their support for all my AMV's. It's your kind words that keep me pumping these out...especially since I don't compete with any of the Ninja of the Night sequels.

    Trivia note: The time it took me to make this video is roughly equal to the amount of time it takes to watch Season 4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, since I had that playing in the background while I edited. I finished it about halfway through the final episode.

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