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  • Member: suberunker
  • Studio: Suberunker Studeosh
  • Title: Still Preoccupied with 1985
  • Premiered: 2005-05-13
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    • Bowling for soup 1985
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  • Comments: So it's another year and another AMV idea I wanted to complete. However, this time, I was still leaning more towards Comedy. I love making comedy/fun videos, so I figure, might as well go with some tiny, little project to get me started (since I had a big, big project I wanted to finish this year as well).

    So it's a tiny little project. I guessed it'd take about 40-50 hours, standard editing time. Eventually, I hit 100 hours. I dunno how much more I worked on it afterwards.

    So, let's go straight to the general info, before the joke index. I enjoy the song, although it's nothing too great. I loved the pop culture references in it and figured, hey, if I could actually come up with a relevant anime idea for each icon mentioned in the song, then that'd be a pretty fun video! And thus, I decided, it's time to get this video done. So, why did I choose Azumanga Daioh, when nearly any anime would work well as the body of the video?
    (1) Yukari is a fun character to profile
    (2) Hardly any full-blown Yukari profiles
    (2.5) Main character had to be older, like say...a school teacher
    (3) Familiarity with the source
    (4) Fun source to work with

    Now, onto the joke/little things index. I'm not putting times with them, since I'm too lazy. Just follow the index along with the video, since they're listed in order of appearance.

    1. Opening "Woo hoo hoo". This is nearly the exact kind of formating I used for "A Different Side of Me". I like boxes over other boxes. It's not a joke, but one of my friends though this was the Golden Boy video upon seeing the first frame. The fact that Yukari is on a bike doesn't help.
    2. Classroom doors. I loved this section, with the fades. I threw in Kimura in the middle to give some variety/surprise. In total, I found 8 or 9 different "Yukari opening doors" scenes
    3. "Prozac a day". I had to find just the right kinda scene for this. I enjoy watching this one cut on loop for hours. :P
    4. "Husband's a CPA". Yukari doesn't have a husband. In fact, do you realize how hard it is to even find male characters in Azumanga Daioh? I didn't want to break into a crossover here, so I used Kimura as best I could.
    5. "She was gonna be an actress". One of the hardest lines to find anything for. Luckily, handbag+twirl+filters worked out.
    6. "White Snake's car". First pop culture reference. Pretty easy to match up. The worst part was masking Yukari, since, at this point, I didn't have a Wacom tablet. It was done with Photoshop and Premiere, no After Effects (hence the ugly stuff around the edges)
    7. "Yellow SUV". Yeah, I used Photoshop to create over 40 frames for just this.
    8. "Bruce Springsteen", hard to actually find someone similar. The whole "Bruce Lee"-ngstein idea came out of nowhere and I liked working with it.
    9. "Madonna". This was pretty obvious for me.
    10. "Nirvana". Another given.
    11. "U2". Actually gave me a hard time for a LONG time, but eventually I came to my senses.
    12. "Blondie". Realllllly fun to work with. Plus, makeup work is a tad bit amusing to do.
    13. "Music Still on MTV". I wanted to use songs that were overused and try and find a matching AzuDai section to them. The only one that was out of place was the "Bring Me to Life" segment. That idea came to me really quickly.
    14. Aeris dies. *spoiler!* lol
    15. "Breakfast Club". Pretty easy to figure out.
    16. "Pretty in Pink". Fun to make. I'd actually like a poster of this.
    17. "St. Elmo's Fire". A cheap-shot, but ah well, it ended up kinda cute.
    18. "WHAM!" Had to bleach the clothes by photoshopping. Nothing special. Also needed one dark haired guy and one blonde. Thus, yeah.
    19. "Limp Bizkit". I reaaaaallly liked the idea. But I dunno if most people got it. In the End. It didn't really matter. Oh crap, that's Linkin Park. My bad. :P
    20. "Snakeskin". Cheap shot. Apparently it's amusing.
    21. "Van Halen." Cheap and easy.
    22. "reality...become TV". Really fun concept. I'm glad I went with it. I love that I could fit an AMV joke in there.
    23. "Sitcomes". So, the Berserk logo is supposed to look like the Friends logo, but it goes by really fast. Oh well.
    24. "Gameshows". A celebrity Jeopardy type thing. Goes by really fast. Bricks rule.
    25. "Classic rock". Added a huge white feathered border for fun. :P
    26. "Ozzy become an actor". Fun joke to photoshop. Hehe. Fairy. *True fact: Ozzy Osbourne did play the Green Fairy in Moulin Rouge.
    27. "U2 Ipod". I think this speaks for itself.

    There's a bunch of little things along the way. Hopefully I sprinkled enough for those to find the first time and some other things to find on repeat viewings.

    Thanks to those that liked it and pushed me to get this up as soon as possible. :P

    Anime Central 2005 - Best of Show
    Fanime 2005 - Finalist
    Anime Expo 2005 - Finalist
    Anime Evolution 2005 - Best Comedy
    Anime Evolution 2005 - Best of Show Judge's Choice
    Anime Evolution 2005 - Best of Show Audience Choice

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