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  • Member: Daddi's Lil Street Preach
  • Title: Devil Shot Me Down
  • Premiered: 2005-03-10
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    • Nacey Sanatra Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
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  • Comments: the video is for Devil May Cry 3. i kind of slapped it together how you guys enjoy

    the real story behind it was this...

    after a little too much to drink one night and watching the movie Face/Off. I decided that i wanted to do a video in homage to John's sequence in the aformentioned movie. So I had the idea and the project began. So i needed to figure out what to use and what song to put it with. I originally had 3 songs to Choose from. "Hurt" by Johnny Cash, "A Satisfied Mind" also by Johnny Cash and "My Baby Shot Me Down (Bang Bang)" by Nancey Sinatra (mispelled her name in the original posting). After i had choosen DMC 3, all there was left was to put the music to it. Time and the amount of footage i have to work with plays a factor in it.

    After making the first minute of the video... and remaking it and remaking it.... you get the picture. i choose Nancey Sinatra. and the rest is history.

    And if you are wondering the sequence in question was the scene in Castor's hideout during the gunfight where 'Fly Me to the Moon' (atleast i think that was the song) was playing in the background. i thought the scene was amazing because the mix of action and slow music.

    thanks and later
    Daddi's Little Street Preacher

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