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  • Member: DaCloudZ
  • Studio: Otaku-Gamer Studios
  • Title: Resident Evil is 4 Open Wounds
  • Premiered: 2005-02-04
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  • Song:
    • Skillet Open Wounds
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Opening Video: :24
    Total Music Length: 3:16
    Credits: :14
    Special: :11

    Total Length: 4:06
    Video: Resident Evil
    Song: Open Wounds - Skillet / Collide
    Credits Music: Sakura Saku - Hayashibara Megumi (Love Hina)
    Directed by: Adam Beck (ChaosKnight / DaCloudZ)
    Video Captured by: Adam Beck (ChaosKnight)

    Hey everyone,
    I finished my 3rd... err should i say my 6th (3 i havent put on) music video.
    This music video is tributed towards Resident Evil 4 (from Capcom) because i just love the Resident Evil series.
    Since i got a new kick-ass computer i got some awesome footage from the game, both in-gameplay and cinematics.
    In this music Video i used two in-game movies and the rest were in-game cinematic.

    If you have a Nintendo Gamecube, go buy Resident Evil 4 right now... if your a Resident Evil 4 fan or not. You can find my review here...

    This MV probably isnt my BEST work, but i still like it, and i hope you do too. It took me 3 days and i used
    Ulead VideoStudio
    Pinnacle Studio 8 and
    Windows Movie Maker.

    (P.S. This video may contain some small spoilers, depending if you watch carefully)

    EDIT: The Video may need a certain Codec, but i dont know what it is yet, Im looking into it

    EDIT2: I believe you must have MPEG-3 on your codec list... I believe if you have Windows Media Player 10 it will work (go to to get it)

    EDIT3: I did have every video on my computer but my computer crashed not too long ago so i lost everything, so if you wish for videos... you may beable to get them in the Summer (they are uploaded onto a site, but the site is still under-contruction) Sorry.

    any questions or comments, you can email me at (also found on my profile).
    Thank you for your time,
    Adam B.
    Hope you enjoy.

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