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  • Members (6): trythil, AbsoluteDestiny, Ashyukun, ErMaC, Kitsuner, gambitt
  • Title: siɳk
  • Premiered: 2005-01-22
  • Category:
  • Songs:
    • Captain Jack Dancing Pompokolin (Captain's Eurasia Hyper Mix)
    • David Bowie Everyone Says Hi (Metro Remix)
    • Dicot A-I-TSU
    • dj.TAKA featuring Sana rainbow flyer (extended vocal mix)
    • eric prydz call on me
    • Fleetwood Mac Lindsey's Song #1 (I Know I'm Not Wrong)
    • Gunther and the Sunshine Girls Ding Dong Song
    • James Brown I Got You (I Feel Good)
    • John Denver Country Road
    • Miko Mission How old are you?
    • P-MODEL Biiig Eye
    • Scanning Around Sakuranbo KISSU vocal version
    • Shonen Knife Cookie Day
    • Susumu Hirasawa Run
    • TaQ QQQ
    • The Divine Comedy Generation Sex
    • Yoshiki Fukuyama Macross
  • Anime:
  • Comments: [announcement thread:]

    Animated GIF and songs from gambitt; songs and ideas from ErMaC; additional songs from AbsoluteDestiny.


    There are now too many opinions on this video for me to list. Sorry.

    I do not, and cannot, claim any ownership to this AMV. However, I encourage anyone who might be interested in redistributing, reworking, or really doing whatever to this video to do so. I won't do anything.

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