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  • Member: saiyan_pride
  • Studio: AMV Akatsuki Productions
  • Premiered: 2004-09-22
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    • Masterplan Spirit Never Dies
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  • Comments: I think this is one of my best amvs. spent much more time on this one compared to most the other amvs i made. this amv is about the naruto anime in general, has many good clips and i think the FX are pritty good. i used both Vegas 4.0 and Adobe Premiere 6.5 (for some FX) to make this video. i also used some pics from the naruto manga in the amv and also used some funny clips from the anime. timing is pritty good. the clips show many different chracters, i tried not to focus on just 1 chracter, but many of the clips have naruto in them because hes the main chracter. i also tried to match the words with the clips. the music fits perfectly for a naruto amv. overall its a fast amv with lots of action. plz leave an openion.

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