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  • Member: MechaTC
  • Title: Hyuuga Neji - Session of Fate
  • Premiered: 2004-09-06
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    • Linkin Park Session
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  • Comments: Please give an opinion if it isn't too much trouble. I need to know what my strengths and weaknesses are.

    This is my second music video. If you would like to see my first, search the amv's as Naruto as the anime and Taproot as the artist. Naruto Badass should come up. That is my other video. I believe I blew that video out of the water with my new one. It is based around Hyuuga Neji's hatred of the Main House of the Hyuuga. It is also about Neji's ultimate fate, "Can your fate be changed?"

    By picking the song "Session" by Linkin Park, I tried to make a timing video. I have been told my timing was very good and I should use it in more videos. You will noticed a lot of sped up scenes throughout the video. That's because the beat of the music calls for it. Also some slowing down of the video.

    I used Windows Movie Maker 2.0 to make this AMV.

    If you feel like e mailing me about my video, this is my address.

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