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  • Member: GinnySeta
  • Studio: Seta Ginny Studios
  • Title: The Navigator and the Swordsman
  • Premiered: 2004-06-21
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    • Evanescence My Immortal - Rock Edit
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  • Comments: Edit - I thought it's worth noting that Kaizoku-Fansubs has released a "box free" version of my video in their bittorrents, that uses high quality footage for the little bits from the opening. If you're interested...go to their site and check it out. (If you need a link, contact me privately.)

    Well, to start, this is technically not my first AMV.'s still a lot of firsts. This video is the first video I've ever shown to any number beyond five or six people. It's the first video I edited to convention submission quality. It's the first video I entered in a contest. And it's the first video I ever won an award for. O_O!!! (I'm still in shock.)

    This video is my boyfriend Monty's fault. First off, while I had always liked One Piece, he really got me *into* it. He also, thanks to a roleplay game we're both in, gave me a special appreciation for the relationship between Zoro and Nami. And before he mentioned that he thought My Immortal was a good song for Zoro and Kuina, I had only heard the song maybe once, and didn't really know it. But after he suggested it, I listened to it...loved it, and bought the album, only to discover the hidden track with the rock edit on it. (Which I believe is the version they play on the radio) Little by little the idea occured to me that it could really fit both Zoro and Nami with their respective dead loved ones....and thus this video started to happen.

    What I was trying to convey in this video is the deep bonds that exist between Bellemere and Nami, Kuina and Zoro, and Zoro and Nami. You can think of these bonds in any way that you want - romantic, family or silbing-esque, friendship. The point is these connections exist, and influence the character's lives.

    I wasn't going to enter this video in the Anime Next amv contest, but VegettoEX and Meri needed entries, and this video was nearing completion. So somehow I managed to finish it in time.

    I need to thank a lot of people. First and foremost, Monty, because I said before, I wouldn't be into One Piece, or My Immortal. Secondly, Mike and Meri for their support and advice, and ESPECIALLY Mike. He walked me through many of the technical editing details - getting the sub bars on, exporting the video, making the mpeg, etc. Next, my friend Matt, AKA Funkthepirate who supported me and helped get me raw episodes. when I needed them. And finally Dythim for his Alabasta raws. Also, Kaizoku Fansubs deserves a mention, for their high quality release of this series, so that I did not face quality issues. Thank you so much to everyone!

    I was not expecting this video to win Best Drama. There were many other extremely well done videos, using footage that the average watcher would be more familar with. I also wasn't sure how many people would be familar with One Piece enough to understand what was going on, being that my video concentrated on scenes later in the series, that go against the typical comedic feel people associate with One Piece. But some how I got through to people. The message and emotions must have hit home.

    I hope you all enjoy it!

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