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  • Member: lilgumba
  • Title: Emcee Sak
  • Premiered: 2004-05-14
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    • Missy Elliott Get Ur Freak On
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  • Comments: Update part 2:
    Emcee Sak got first place in Anizona 2005.

    I submitted this video to SEELE Council AMV Contest Extravaganza Winter 2004 and it got second in comedy. Woo ha!
    UPDATE over

    This is the video that I made for ACen 2004. I wanted to make a hip hop video for once. I needed something fun and then it hit me that I would make a Cardcaptor Sakura video to Missy's Get Ur Freak On. The idea to do this was on 2003-09-18, 10:23:45. For once I actually wrote down when I had an idea. Anyway I've been working on it off and on since then. Most of the work happend this year though. Lip sync was a bit of a bitch but it was well worth it. This was my first time doing a comedy video as well since I usually stick with drama. It makes me laugh which is a good thing. I was glad to see at ACen that it made other people laugh as well. This video was definately fun. I might go ahead and do other comedy videos in the future but drama is my department. Anyway I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do. If you have any comments leave an opinion. :-P

    Oh yeah...this version is a little bit crappier than my other version but I can't really do anything about that since the mpeg2 is so big. I used the xvid 2-pass method so it should be divx compatible. I have notived though that in the Real player (at least on my computer) does not pick up all of the audio. It works fine in Windows Media. It might be my computer. Can't win them all. Enjoy

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