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  • Member: AimoAio
  • Studio: AuN Studios
  • Title: Enchanted
  • Premiered: 2011-12-02
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    • Owl City Enchanted
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    Best Romance at AKROSS Con 2011

    Forum Announcement Thread

    As quoted from my description on the Akross site:

    This video is long. It's not exactly original or outstanding and neither does it have any special effects. In other words, it's just a simple romance AMV. But for me, I had a great time editing it since the anime and the song were so cute and I love cute things. ^__^ I know not everybody is going to enjoy this type of AMV but for those who do, I'm happy.

    And then here begins my epic long description that I couldn't fit on the Akross description box. :P


    So my original plan for Akross this year was actually a different video. I had the song and the idea already planted since January(fyi, it's with KnT too but just a different song) just I thought I could procrastinate until closer to the deadline before I started. But you know, that's never a good idea since by the time the contest deadline rolled along, I couldn't be bothered editing it anymore. I literally give up after editing 5 seconds of it - which btw, took me a good few days to time properly.

    Actually I think the abundance of effects I wanted to add to it might have contributed as a reason. Ever since I started back at university I've been far too busy and tired to edit properly and trying to edit something so complex that would require more practice with AE to execute properly definitely wasn't a top priority on my to-do list.

    So I threw the idea into the bin and was going to quit for this year when I saw this.

    The first 10 seconds was what inspired me to edit this video. As you can tell, the scene for that section is almost exactly the same as mines since that's where I drew my idea from. The rest of the video however, is completely different.

    Anyway I think I've rambled enough. A round of applause for my awesome beta testers who offered me a lot of great advice and helped shaped this video into what it is today.

    And a huge special thank you to Niwa and Kamih. I must have sent more then 10 betas to Niwa, poor Boss. XD The credits at the beginning were designed by Mr Snail since you kept complaining that the one I had looked ugly and unsophisticated. (*cough* who also made the epic poster *cough*) So yeah, thank you for being awesome. ^^


    I feel like I just wrote a very long graduation speech or something. Not that I've graduated. Yet.

    Uhhh...almost forgot about the video description...well the story is fairly self explanatory. Nothing complex. It's cute. Has lots of cutesy stuff. So if that kinda thing doesn't float your boat then you probably won't enjoy it. I mean it IS a romance AMV. And I don't think it fits in any other categories either so yeah.

    As for why I used this song instead of Taylor Swift's version....well firstly Taylor's version was 6 minutes long and I have attention problems for things over 3 minutes and secondly...don't you think it's a lot cuter when the story is from the guy's point of view? Yes? ^__^

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