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  • Member: Bauzi
  • Studio: [LGS] Lazy Generation Studios
  • Title: Being A Superstar
  • Premiered: 2009-08-29
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  • Song:
    • Marilyn Manson Mr. Superstar
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  • Comments: .:Won Awards:.
    AniNite 2009
    -Best AMV (Pro Contest)

    .:Content description:.
    This is the life of a superstar. Being famous, being a popstar, being hyped, being in the movies, being loved, being stalked, being paranoid, being insane, being schizophrenic, being killed. Just being a normal superstar...

    .:The technical side of the amv:.
    This is the first full project that I made on my new rig (dual core laptop) and with Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, After Effects CS4 and Photoshop CS3. The switch from Premiere Pro 1.5 to CS4 worked pretty good, but I had to deal with a lot of rendering issues in the end. It was like addopting my kind of work to this new sets of problems.

    This is also the first time that I made a 720p amv. It worked pretty good though. Sadly the 720p version is too big to upload localy, but thankfully I have enough free space on my webspace.

    I had some problems with the source because the big amount of noise was a pain in the ass for filtering. I really have to thank mirkosp for suggesting me a nice Avisynth filter against banding. Without it a nice 720p version would have been impossible at the end.

    This source has also a high amount of frame shivering. This is really complicated for some effects. Especially those where I had to remove lipflap. I wasn't pleased with it in the first version for the AniNite amv contest and I hope that no one noticed it. Well... at least it wasn't too obvious.

    The editing was quite interessting for me. I didn't sticked to a certain schema and some parts don't follow any sync pattern. It still is a great video for me and I'm interessting on what the editors on this site think about it. I'm especially pleased with the editing for the second chorus. I really feel energy in this part and think that it's one of my best work lately. It was also interessting to notice my personal knowledge and experience in editing. It helped a lot, but also made me sometimes feel bad because it raised the bar for the editing enormous. However... I still like this overall work on the video. Pretty cool though.

    @Fans of this song: Yes this is an shortened version of the song that I made. However the end is the original one. Yeah... it's not that great, but I can't change this end of the song. sry.

    .:Thoughts about the content and concept:.
    I had the first plans about this anime song combination years agon with the working title "Stalker". It was planned with quite a lot of self made live action scenes to make a deeper stalker-victim relationship. Like some heavly obsessed Otaku in the real world watching Perfect Blue on his monitor in a dark room or walls with posters of the anime etc. Sadly I don't have a camera to work on this original idea.
    So... I picked this idea up again for the AniNite amv contest in Vienna. This time I wanted to portrait a more easier stalker theme in this video. It didn't worked out because of the heavy limitation of scenes, because I only used this movie. The solution was to twist the story into a different one in the middle of the editing working progress. Now it was about to portrait what it means to be Superstar full of private downsides. I'm really pleased with the final outcome. It has this wicked bauzi-style that I like on some of my videos.

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