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  • Member: Koopiskeva
  • Studio: Random Destination Studios
  • Title: Twilight
  • Premiered: 2008-08-18
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    • Asobi Seksu Walk On The Moon
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  • Comments: I love this video.
    I hate this video.
    I love/hate this video.

    Itís been so long since I started this..

    If youíve not seen Kanon, this video will probably go over your head. Actually, even if you had seen Kanon, this video probably wonít make much sense either. Maybe. Depends on how you look at it.

    Hereís a bit of a summary on the video.

    In Kanon, on the last episode, one of the female characters (Shiori) asks the lead male character (Yuuchi), ďHave you ever wondered that perhaps we were living in someone elseís dream?Ē That is where the concept of this video is based on, along with the usage of the live-action.

    I started this back in May of 2007, and have revised it endlessly since then. Of course, I had to wait till winter set in to do a lot of the filmed shots, as Kanon is a winter-based anime. Ever since then, Iíve had a love/hate relationship with this video. Iíve put a lot of love and effort (almost killing me even) into this video regardless.

    Anyways, if you want to know more about this video, and there is a lot to say, here is a link to a text document which goes further into everything about this video. Please feel free to give it a read. Though if you choose to, I suggest reading it after watching the video.

    But anyways, enough chit-chat. Please enjoy the video! O:

    Note - If you saw a version of this video at Anime Central 2008 or Japan Expo 2008, that was the unfinished version.

    PS - Asobi Seksu 4 life.

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