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  • Member: Rinny
  • Studio: Hidama Productions
  • Title: Break the Chain
  • Premiered: 2008-06-15
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  • Song:
    • Within Temptation What Have You Done (Ft. Keith Caputo)
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  • Comments: ETA: This video just won first place in Otakon 2008's drama category! Thanks so much to everyone who went!

    In my opinion, there is no better song to describe the relationship between L and Light than this. Two geniuses who in other circumstances might actually be friends, but who are pushed to hate each other to defend their own definitions of Justice.

    Would you mind if I hurt you?
    Understand if I need to
    Wish that I had other choices
    Than to hurt the one I love

    What have you done now?

    I know I better stop trying
    You know that there's no denying
    I won't show mercy on you now
    I know I should stop believing
    I know that there's no retrieving
    It's over now
    What have you done?

    I've been waiting for someone like you
    But now you are slipping away
    Why does fate make us suffer?
    There's a curse between us
    Between me and you

    What have you done?

    Would you mind if I killed you?
    Would you mind if I tried to?
    'Cause you have turned into my worst enemy
    You carry hate that I feel
    It's over now
    What have you done?


    I will not fall
    Won't let it go
    We will be free
    When it ends


    This video was done in Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 and Adobe After Effects CS3.

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