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  • Members: Brad, Nessephanie
  • Title: Our Innocence
  • Premiered: 2007-09-22
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    • Caroline Winter
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  • Comments: About The Video:
    So, everybody knows about Voices of a Distant Star and Place Promise In Our Early Days. Both of them being very big hits from independent anime creator Makoto Shinkai. Both myself (AtomX/Brad) and Nessephanie (herein referred to as Liz) are very big fans of his work, so when the trailer for his latest film, Byousoku 5cm (or, 5 Centimeters Per Second), we were both very thrilled. After we watched the trailer and read a synopsis of what the film was going to be like, Liz had the idea that once the movie came out, she would do a video to it using the song "Winter" by Caroline, as her Pro video for the year it came out.

    Fast-forward to July 2007. Neither of us have a Pro video. We had each been working on our videos but neither of them were working out the way we wanted. Well, it worked out that the R2 DVD for 5 Centimeters came out on the DAY BEFORE the Pro deadline... o_o .... So, by the time the day rolled around, we didn't have our videos done, and I had the R2. So the decision was made that we would do a collaborative video using the movie. While I sent Liz an MJPEG to edit off of, I watched the movie and told her what it was about (all of this was done over Skype, btw. She wasn't living with me by then. THAT would've made things far easier!). While we listened to the song, we developed our concept and knew how we were going to take it. So we both started editing, and roughly 24 hours later, we had a Pro entry!

    Here's how the video breaks down:

    Brad - 00:00-00:35
    Liz - 00:36-01:55
    Brad - 01:56-04:07 (includes the end credits)

    Hopefully the concept should be able to shine through without much explanation, but to lay it out there, it's essentially a video about childhood love, and the innocence it exudes. For those of us that have experienced it, it's something that we carry throughout our lives and reflect upon. So, the "moment" that the text in the video refers to, might be a minute, a day, a week, a season, a year, however long it lasts for you. We do end up taking the footage slightly out of context to get this point across, but hopefully it all makes sense.

    So yeah. Thanks for watching :) Enjoy!

    Programs Used:
    Adobe Premiere 6.5
    Adobe After Effects 7.0
    Adobe Photoshop CS & CS2

    AWA Pro 2007 - Best Romance & Best Sentimental
    Manifest 2007 - Runner Up Drama/Romance 2008 Viewers Choice Awards - Best Romance
    2008 Judge's Choice Awards - Best Romance & Best Sentimental


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