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  • Member: Bongu-san
  • Studio: WATEFU ever
  • Title: Crosshairs
  • Premiered: 2007-09-21
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  • Song:
    • Franz Ferdinand Take Me Out
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  • Comments: I got the idea for this video about 2-3 years ago while listening to this song. In an interview with the band members, they expressed a similiarity between scoping out a cute girl at a bar (or other venue of your choosing) and that of a sniper "taking out" his target. I saw a similar concept in Gunslinger Girl.

    The girls in the anime were devoted to their handlers and would essentially protect them even at the cost of their own life. Because they were trained assassins, this devotion could lead to violent and fatal outbursts whenever separation seemed possible.

    The Video:
    Although I have had this concept for almost 3 years and the sources for 2 years (I own my source material), I only worked on the video on and off for about 1 year. The problem with this video is the complexity of the music style (or at least it did to me). I had to use a variety of different editing styles to convey the story while keeping in sync with the music.

    The video has two main parts: a slow, dramatic, image-based (like a MAD, but I'm not sure how much so) and a fairly fast-pace action part. I also took the liberty of a experimenting with some effects I haven't seen before, so please let me know what worked and what did not, thanks :)

    Editing Tools Used:
    AMVapp (Should I even mention this? It should be obvious)
    Adobe Photoshop (for masks and silhouettes)
    Adobe Premiere (main editing)
    Adobe After Effects (one sequence had very minor 3D effects - but then I figure out how to do it with Premiere, so I will probably use a 3d modeler before using this best again.)

    Hours Worked:
    Between 150-200 hours (about 130 hrs 3-weeks prior to completion)

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